Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone Difficulty Tier List

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Tiers go from D to SSS, with D being the easiest and SSS the hardest of their lists. The position of a song within a tier does not necessarily mean that it is harder or easier than the surrounding songs.

Note: This list does not include HARD difficulties or lower.

6.0 Stars

Artist(s) Song Difficulty Comments
Tier A
Toraboruta Song of Life Extreme -
kz Far Away Extra Extreme -
Tier B
Satoru Kosaki, Aki Hata The secret garden Extreme -
Tier C
kz Far Away Extreme -
KazuP Innocence Extreme -
kz Yellow Extreme -

6.5 Stars

Artist(s) Song Difficulty Comments
Tier A
kz Last Night, Good Night Extreme -
Kuchibashi Nightmare ☆ Party Night Extreme -
Aki Hata Velvet Arabesque Extra Extreme -
Tier B
Satoru Kosaki, Aki Hata A Song of Wastelands, Forests, and Magic Extreme -
Toraboruta Dear cocoa girls Extreme -
Kuwagata P Puzzle Extreme -
Jimmythumb P Starduster Extreme -
Tier C
Dixie Flatline Continuing Dream Extreme -
Tiara Song of Eternity -DIVAMIX- Extreme -
kz Tell Your World Extreme -
Aki Hata Velvet Arabesque Extreme -

7.0 Stars

Artist(s) Song Difficulty Comments
Tier S
Tanaka B Deep Sea City Underground Extreme -
Tier A
Yuuyu Clover♣Club Extreme -
koushirou (Hikutsu P) Dance of Many Extreme -
Yuuyu Deep Sea Girl Extreme -
Kouhei (K's Sound Project) Holy Star -2010 DIVA mix- Extreme -
TOKOTOKO(NishizawasanP) maigo life Extreme -
Yuyoyuppe/meola Palette Extreme -
OSTER project Rain With A Chance Of Sweet*Drops Extreme -
yanagi Thousand Year Solo (DIVA Edit) Extreme -
Tier B
Kurousa P(White Flame) Cantarella Extreme -
Agoaniki Double Lariat Extreme -
Mitchie M Freely Tomorrow Extreme -
IyaiyaP Here Comes Karakasa-san Extreme -
Funakoshi P I Really Do Understand Extreme -
Noboru↑ Monochrome∞Blue Sky Extreme -
Hakka+iroha(sasaki) moon Extreme -
ryo, Dixie Flatline Sekiranun Graffiti Extreme -
kz Star Story Extreme -
ryo That One Second In Slow Motion Extreme -
Noboru↑ Monochrome∞Blue Sky Extreme -
OSTER project [email protected] in Love Extreme -
Hadano P White Dove Extreme -
DECO*27 Yumeyume Extreme -
sasakure.UK & DECO*27 39 Extreme -
Tier C
DECO*27 Aikotoba Extreme -
shu-t Change Me Extreme -
Yasuo Electric Angel Extreme -
kz Finder (DSLR remix - re:edit) Extreme -
Jimmythumb P from Y to Y Extreme -
40mp Gigantic Girl Extreme -
Onyuu P God-Tier Tune Extreme -
azuma I'm Your Diva Extreme -
Toraboruta Kokoro Extreme -
ryo Melt Extreme -
Dios/SignalP RinRin Signal -Append Mix- Extreme -
halyosy Sakura no Ame Extreme -
Noboru↑ Sayonara, Goodbye Extreme -
doriko Though My Song Has No Form Extreme -
Aki Hata Updating My Love List? Extreme -
kz, Hachioji P Weekender Girl Extreme -
vocaliod-P (noa) 1/6 -out of the gravity- Extreme -
kz Star Story Extra Extreme -
Tier D
ika_mo I'll Miku-Miku You♪ (For Reals) Extreme -
kz Packaged Extreme -
malo The First Sound Extreme -