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Japanese Version

  • 6 new songs are added: Tell Your World, Rin-Chan Now!, Dream-Eating Monochrome Baku, Tokyo Teddybear, Senbonzakura, Sweet Devil.
  • Note Timing Calibration and Screen Size options are added for TV audio and video adjustments.
  • AR Photo Booth and AR Concert are now Photo Studio (taking screenshots with characters using a photo from the game or the one saved on the PS3 as the background) and Live Studio (virtual concert based on the game's launch mini-show, DAIBA de DIVA).
  • Live Studio Songs: 39, Weekender Girl, Odd & Ends, & Time Machine
  • Has an option to sync savedata from the PSVita version to the PS3 and continue progress left from the PSVita.

English Version Comparison

To see all differences of the English version to the Japanese version, click here.