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General Localization Changes

  • All menu text has been translated to English.
  • In-game and PV mode lyrics have been changed to romaji (Japanese characters using Roman letters).
  • PV logos are unchanged, but any logo using Japanese characters have an English translation of the song name and the artist captioned below the logo.
  • Some Note Ratings have different names: "FINE" is now "GOOD", "SAD" is now "BAD" & "WORST" is now "AWFUL".
  • Some Rank Points (now called Grade Points) have different names: CHEAP is now LOUSY & MISSXTAKE is now DROPXOUT.
  • Both the American and the European version of the game are only in English, but the software manual (accessible through the XMB while in-game) is shown in the system's local language. The manual is confirmed to be available in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. (There may be more languages available.)
  • As in other western PlayStation games, X is now the confirmation button while O is the cancel button. (This only applies to North American and European consoles; the game still retains the original button layout if played on Japanese and Asian consoles.)
  • There are no gameplay changes.

English Conjugation Changes

  • The Technical Zone note counter is displayed as "NOTES LEFT: X" instead of "REST X NOTES".
  • Finishing a Technical Zone successfully will display "TECHNICAL ZONE COMPLETED" instead of "TECHNICAL ZONE COMPLETE".
  • Finishing a Technical Zone with a failed hit will display "TECHNICAL ZONE OVER" instead of "TECHNICAL ZONE END".
  • Finishing Chance Time with will display "CHANCE TIME SUCCESSFUL" instead of "CHANCE TIME SUCCESS".
  • Finishing Chance Time with will display "CHANCE TIME OVER" instead of "CHANCE TIME END".
  • "STAGE CLEARED" is displayed instead of "STAGE CLEAR" when clearing a song and
  • "NOT CLEARED" instead of "NOT CLEAR---" if not.

PV Text and Graphical Changes

World Ends Dance Hall:

  • The opening text is different:
Original Version
English Version



Another time, Another place
A battle of two girls beginー
In another time, in a land far away...
Two girls prepared for battleー

Remote Controller:

  • The logo on the SEGA Dreamcast controller has different colors:
Original Version
English Version



Orange Dreamcast logo (Japan region)
Blue Dreamcast logo (PAL region)

The MMORPG Addicts Anthem:

  • In the scene where Miku obtains a room item, the text banner has been translated:
Original Version
English Version



Liberally Localized Song Titles

  • トリノコシティ (Left-Behind City) = Urbandonment
  • ネトゲ廃人シュプレヒコール (Net Game Addicts Sprechchor) = The MMORPG Addicts Anthem
  • 神曲 (Divine Comedy) = God-Tier Tune
  • 夢の続き (Continuation of Dreams) = Continuing Dream