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Official Blog 2013/10/31

MEIKO's 9th Birthday Fiesta starts.

  • Period: November 1st - 8th, 2013 (GMT+9 Japan Time)
  • Bonus 5 VP will be added after passing any one song in a gameplay.

Official Blog 2013/10/24

Project DIVA Arcade Future Tone Campaign starts.
SEGA starts a campaign for "Future Tone" (next version of the current Arcade edition) from Oct. 29 to Nov.21, 2013.

  • Period: October 29th 7:00am - November 21st 7:00am, 2013 (GMT+9 Japan Time)
  • CP Ticket can be gained when playing a song with players who owned IC Card.
    • CP Ticket is different from DIVA Ticket
    • There's no way to gain CP Ticket in PV Mode
  • CP Ticket can be used after utilization of "Future Tone" in DIVA.NET Special Store.
    • To release FT functions in DIVA.NET, at least one gameplay in the "Future Tone" should be done.
  • 50 CP Tickets required if someone wants to gain all the special items in this campaign.
  • CP tickets can be transformed into VPs when gaining more than 50 CP Tickets.

Official Blog 2013/06/20

New Songs for June
These songs originally selected by SEGA will be added on 2013/06/27.

  • ふたりで。 Music/Lyrics by: ねこぼーろ
  • Rosary Pale Music/Lyrics by: 新城P
  • 深海シティアンダーグラウンド Music/Lyrics by: 田中B

Official Blog 2013/05/23

Project DIVA Arcade: FUTURE TONE announced (coming soon)
The following features will be added to the upgrade:

  • Trio: Three characters can be used in a song, just like in Project DIVA f/F.
  • Module Accessories: Add accessories to character, just like in Project DIVA f/F!
  • New Touch Slider feature: Based on the "Scratch" feature in DIVA f/F, swipe the device above the buttons in the direction, left (<) or right (>)!

There will be several improvements as well:

  • Improved Hair Movement Dynamics
  • Very Detailed Geometric Figures
  • New Facial Expressions
  • Song Difficulty: Song difficulty will be rated by 18 stars instead of 9 to allow more precise ratings.
  • New "AC Module 2.0" DEBUT!
  • The cabinet design will change as well!

Two songs from DIVA f will be available for location tests and in the future!

  • キャットフード Music/Lyrics by: doriko
  • アンハッピーリフレイン Music/Lyrics by: wowaka

Read more here

Official Blog 2013/04/19

New Songs for April
These songs originally selected by SEGA will be added on 2013/04/26.

  • ネコミミアーカイブ Music/Lyrics by: 糞田舎P
  • ブラックゴールド Music/Lyrics by: otetsu
  • LIKE THE WIND Music by: HIRO (SEGA)/Lyrics by: Kusemono/SWANTONE

Official Blog 2013/03/12

New Songs for March
These songs, originally selected by SEGA and from DIVA f will be added on 2013/03/19.

  • 39 Music by: by: DECO*27
  • AFTER BURNER Music by: HIRO (SEGA)/Lyrics by: Hal
  • 千本桜 Music/Lyrics by: 黒うさP (WhiteFlame)

Official Blog 2013/01/30

New Songs for February
These songs, originally selected by SEGA and from Project Mirai will be added on 2013/02/05.

  • ゆめゆめ Music/Lyrics by: DECO*27
  • on the rocks Music/Lyrics by: OSTER project
  • キップル・インダストリー Music/Lyrics by: millstones
  • 白い雪のプリンセスは Music/Lyrics by: のぼる↑

Official Blog 2012/12/11

New Songs For December
These songs from DIVA extend, Project Mirai and DIVA f will be added on 2012/12/18 (Tue).

  • 孤独の果て -extend edition- Music/Lyrics by: 光収容
  • 右肩の蝶 -39's Giving Day Edition- Music by: 水野悠良 Lyrics by: のりぴ
  • 妄想スケッチ Music/Lyrics by: 40mP | Rin ver. voice manipulated by Dios/シグナルP
  • No Logic Music/Lyrics by: ジミーサムP
  • ワールズエンド・ダンスホール -Live Dance Edition- Music/Lyrics by: wowaka

Official Site & Blog 2012/12/05

ver.B REV2 Going Live! New Modules Added!

ver.B REV2 will be live tomorrow, 2012/12/06 (Thu). Here are a list of updates:

  • Noblesse Oblige

The new DIVA.NET feature "Noblesse Oblige" will reopen for fundraising at 7:05 on 2012/12/07 (Fri).
The amount of VP available in the lottery pot will increase if the targeted amount of funds is successfully raised during the fundraising period.
Donated VP can also be exchanged for special titles on DIVA.NET.

  • Twitter

Twitter link has been expanded to enable more options for automatic tweets for the following: clearing trials, clearing perfect trials consecutively, and Noblesse Oblige.

  • Result Screen

Titles obtained from Noblesse Oblige will now display in yellow.

  • ver.B REV2 Operational Commemoration Campaign

After playing on an updated cabinet, login to DIVA.NET for a gift of 300 VP.

  • New Modules

★初音ミク 妄想ガール 250 VP designed by たま
★鏡音リン 妄想ガール 250 VP designed by たま
★ロジカリスト 250 VP designed by hatsuko
★レーシングミク2011ver. 250 VP designed by 村上ゆいち

Official Blog 2012/12/03

ver.B REV2 Going Live on 2012/12/06 (Thu)!

In commemoration, a new campaign kicks off with the new update!

Duration: 2012/12/06 (Thu) 7:00 ~ 2013/01/13 (Sun) 31:00 [aka 01/14 7:00] for a total of 39 days!

During the campaign, play on any cabinet updated to ver.B REV2 and receive the following bonuses:

  • Bonus 1: Receive 30 days of access rights to DIVA.NET instantly!
  • Bonus 2: Login to DIVA.NET and receive 300 VP from the PRESENTS page!

Players who already have over 31 days of access rights will still have the extra 30 days added on top of their current rights.

Official Site & Blog 2012/11/27

Sale of Skins from Past Contests & Color Variations!
The skins will be on sale on DIVA.NET from 2012/11/28 (Wed).
The color variations are centered upon GOLD this time round.

  • Past Contests
      • ネギくらえっ! (ORIGINAL/BLUE/YELLOW) designed by たまごさん 200 VP each
      • 流花 (SILVER) designed by 鳥越タクミさん 250 VP
      • 見守ってヤンヨ (SILVER) designed by リューセイさん 250 VP
  • Color Variations
    • Designed by ちほさん
      • アイドルビビッド (GOLD) 350 VP
      • ガールズロマンティカ (GOLD) 350 VP
    • Designed by Tripshotsさん
      • Urban Silhouette (GOLD) 350 VP
    • Designed by リューセイさん
      • ラブラブにシテヤンヨ (GOLD) 350 VP
      • シテヤンヨフィーバー (GOLD) 350 VP
      • 見守ってヤンヨ (GOLD) 350 VP
    • Designed by 鳥越タクミさん
      • まいわい (GOLD) 350 VP
      • アウトサイダー (GOLD) 350 VP
      • 流花 (GOLD) 350 VP
    • Designed by 凪庵さん
      • パイプライン (GOLD) 350 VP
    • Designed by フクロウさん
      • 花鳥風月少女 (GOLD) 350 VP
      • 孤火祭の鏡 (GOLD) 350 VP
      • 青紋刀の唄 (GOLD) 350 VP
    • Designed by 三月八日さん
      • クッキー (GOLD) 350 VP
      • くれよん (GOLD) 350 VP

Official Blog 2012/11/21

Super High-Level Contests Information

  • 1st Super High-Level Contest -AGAIN-
    • Duration: 2012/11/27 (Tue) ~ 2012/12/04 (Tue)
    • Scoring: Total completion rate across 4 songs
    • Conditions: Only EXTREME ★9 songs
    • Remarks: This is a repeat of the super high-level contest from September. The gold reward title will still be "アルテミス" - a second chance for players to try for it - players who have obtained the title previously will receive VP instead.
  • 2nd Super High-Level Contest
    • Duration: 2012/11/27 (Tue) ~ 2012/12/04 (Tue)
    • Scoring: Total completion rate across 4 songs
    • Conditions: Choose 1 of 3 fixed EXTREME songs per song order
    • Playlist:
      • 1st song: ロミオとシンデレラ or 恋色病棟 or マスターオブパペッツ
      • 2nd song: こっち向いてBaby or melody... or saturation
      • 3rd song: ローリンガール or 多重未来のカルテット -Quartet Theme- or 透明水彩
      • 4th song: ぽっぴっぽー or いろは唄 or イヤイヤ星人

Official Blog 2012/11/20

Second Round of Modules for November
On 2012/11/22 (Thu), more modules will be added!

  • フェイ・イェン スタイル 250 VP designed by カトキハジメ
  • レーシングミク2010ver. 200 VP designed by redjuice
  • レーシングリン2010ver. 200 VP designed by redjuice
  • レーシングルカ2010ver. 200 VP designed by redjuice
  • レーシングメイコ2010ver. 200 VP designed by redjuice

Official Site & Blog 2012/11/09

5th Difficulty Sum Total Contest

Duration: 2012/12/16 (Fri) ~ 2012/12/26 (Mon)
Scoring: Total rate of COOL notes across all songs
Courses: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

  • Beginner: At least ★16 total difficulty stars across 4 songs.
  • Intermediate: At least ★23 total difficulty stars across 4 songs.
  • Advanced: At least ★44 total difficulty stars across 6 songs.


  • Beginner: EASY or NORMAL difficulty songs
  • Intermediate: NORMAL or HARD difficulty songs
  • Advanced: HARD or EXTREME difficulty songs

Official Blog 2012/11/07

New Songs for November
These 3 songs from DIVA extend will be added on 2012/11/13 (Tue).

  • ローリンガール Music/Lyrics: wowaka
  • Starduster Music/Lyrics: ジミーサムP
  • SPiCa -39's Giving Edition- Music/Lyrics: とくP

Official Blog 2012/11/02

New Modules for November
They will be available from 2012/11/05 (Mon).

  • 怪盗ブラックテール designed by SEGA 250 VP
  • 回転少女 designed by 南方研究所 250 VP
  • ホワイト・イブ designed by さゆ吉 250 VP
  • オービット designed by refeia 250 VP

Official Site & Blog 2012/10/30

MEIKO Birthday Anniversary Festival!
Name: MEIKO Birthday Anniversary Festival
Content: +5 VP for every song cleared
Duration: 2012/11/01 (Thu) ~ 2012/11/08 (Thu)

Release of Skins (Original & Color Variations) from Past Contests
From 2012/10/31 (Wed), skins rewarded from past contests and their color variations will be sold in the DIVA.NET shop.
The focus this time is on the cheerful GREEN & YELLOW color variations!

  • Past contest skins:
    • シテヤンヨフィーバー (SILVER) designed by リューセイさん 250 VP
    • 花鳥風月少女 (SILVER) designed by フクロウさん 250 VP
    • クッキー (SILVER) designed by 三月八日さん 250 VP
  • Color variations:
    • Designed by ちほさん
      • アイドルビビッド (GREEN) 100 VP
      • メルヘントークス (GREEN) 100 VP
      • ガールズロマンティカ (GREEN) 100 VP
    • Designed by Tripshotsさん
      • Retro Effector (GREEN) 100 VP
      • Urban Silhouette (GREEN) 100 VP
    • Designed by リューセイさん
      • シテヤンヨフィーバー (GREEN) 100 VP
      • 見守ってヤンヨ (GREEN) 100 VP
    • Designed by 鳥越タクミさん
      • まいわい (GREEN) 100 VP
      • アウトサイダー (GREEN) 100 VP
      • 流花 (GREEN) 100 VP
    • Designed by 凪庵さん
      • パイプライン (GREEN) 100 VP
    • Designed by 憂さん
      • アールヌーヴォー-LUKA- (GREEN) 100 VP
    • Designed by Deinoさん
      • 骸 (GREEN) 100 VP
      • Calcium (GREEN) 100 VP
    • Designed by フクロウさん
      • 花鳥風月少女 (GREEN) 100 VP
      • 狐火祭の鏡 (GREEN) 100 VP
      • 青紋刀の唄 (YELLOW) 100 VP
    • Designed by もっさんさん
      • のんびりんちゅう (GREEN) 100 VP
      • もふりんちゅ (GREEN) 100 VP
    • Designed by 三月八日さん
      • WAVE×WAVE (GREEN) 100 VP
      • クッキー (GREEN) 100 VP
      • くれよん (YELLOW) 100 VP
    • Designed by Yおじさん
      • Sweet Sweet (GREEN) 100 VP
      • Dreaming Cats (GREEN) 100 VP

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