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DIVA.NET (Arcade)


  • DIVA.NET is an online service administered and maintained by SEGA to give players more to enjoy about DIVA AC:
    • Information: Players can check up on their status, scores, modules, contest news, and gaming log (date of attainment of access rights, titles, VP, modules, skins).
    • Customization: Players can specify their displayed title, modules used (both common and specific), skins used, and change their name (uses VP).
    • Purchase: Players can buy modules and skins (uses VP).
  • DIVA.NET is only available in Japanese.
  • 2010/10/28 (Thu) 1400 hours - DIVA.NET βVERSION went live.
  • 2011/01/27 (Thu) - DIVA.NET official launch.
  • 2011/04/27 (Wed) - Ver.A REVISION1-related menus added to DIVA.NET interface:
    • Play History, My List, Song Customization (Skin/Button Sound), Song sort options (open listing, difficulty)
    • However, these features were only available after the Ver.A REV1 upgrade.
  • 2011/05/20 (Fri) - Ver.A REVISION1 official launch.
    • If the player has not played after 18 May, the Title Shop and Decoration Title settings will not be accessible.
    • RANK has been renamed to 称号 (TITLE).
  • 2011/06/02 (Thu) - DIVA RECORD and Arcade Database added.
  • 2011/07/08 (Fri) - Contest Participation History and Contest Ranking added.
  • 2011/07/26 (Tue) - Button Sound Common Setting added.
  • 2011/08/23 (Tue) - Detailed Clear Statistics added.
  • 2011/11/17 (Thu) - DIVA TICKET added.
  • 2012/04/05 (Thu) - 6 types of Button Sound, Title Plate, Title Effect, Title Display Options added.


  • To login to DIVA.NET, players need an access code (printed on the memory card) and password.
  • After scanning a new card at the arcade machine, players should choose "各種手続き" (options) followed by "パスワード設定" (set password) to create a password.
  • If accessing via cellphone, players should choose "各種手続き" (options) followed by "アクセスコード発行・確認" (issue/verify access code) to confirm their access code.
    • For a cellphone in use during the beta version and that has not been tagged to Aime, the previous access code can be used as is.
    • If a cellphone has been tagged to Aime, it is unclear whether the previous access code will still work (as a new code will be issued under ver.A).
  • The explanation on the official (English) website is here.

Menu Explanation
This section will attempt to explain the menu for those who do not understand Japanese. Each full bullet point indicates a category under the main menu upon logging in.
For easier comprehension, the following convention will be used:
Translations will be in [square brackets].
Menu categories will be bolded.
Clickable links on the DIVA.NET menu will be underlined.
Note: While inside any sub-menu page, clicking on 戻る will bring you to the previous page while clicking on TOPメニュー will bring you to the top menu.

  • お知らせ [Notifications]
    • The links here provide news updates and system notifications.
    • If a contest is currently ongoing, there will be an extra link: ☆コンテスト開催中☆ [Contest Ongoing] which will bring you to the Contest Information page (see Contests category below)
  • 利用権情報 [Access Rights Information]
    • Your current level of access rights will be displayed here.
    • If you have full access, you will be shown how long it will last.
    • If not, you will be shown how many plays you need to obtain full access rights. There will also be an option for you to directly buy full access rights.
    • 詳細確認 [More Details]
  • プレイヤー情報 [Player Information]
    • プレイヤー名 [Player Name]
    • LEVEL/称号 [LEVEL/Title]
    • VOCALOID POINT shows your total VP.
    • VP履歴 [VP History] shows the last 10 transactions to your VP count (both additions and subtractions).
    • DIVAチケット [TICKET] shows how many DIVA TICKET you have.
    • チケット履歴 [TICKET History] shows the last 10 transactions to your TICKET count (both additions and subtractions).
    • チケット交換 [TICKET Exchange] allows you to exchange DIVA TICKET for rewards. See DIVA TICKET for more information.
    • プレイ履歴 [Play History] will show the last 20 songs you played.
      • Clicking on any song name will bring you to the song's page where you can see your best results for that song on each difficulties.
      • Clicking on 詳細 [Details] under any song will show the full detailed results of that particular play.
  • 各種設定 [Settings]
    • プレイヤー名変更 [Change Player Name]
      • Click on 変更する [Change] to change your name at a cost of 10 VP.
    • 称号設定 [Title Settings]
      • 現在の設定 [Current Setting] shows your level, full title, and title plate at a quick glance.
      • 文字数 [Character Count] tells you your current number of characters displayed against the maximum (14) allowed.
      • メイン称号 [Main Title]
        • Click on 変更 to change your main title.
      • 称号プレート [Title Plate]
        • Click on 変更 to change your title plate.
      • デコレーション称号 [Decoration Titles]
        • [Prefix]
          • Click on 変更 to change your prefix decoration title.
        • [Suffix]
          • Click on 変更 to change your suffix decoration title.
      • 称号エフェクト [Title Effects]
        • Title effects are special animations upon the title plate that will only display for players who have reached the top 3 ranks currently available.
        • Click on ON/OFF to enable or disable title effects.
      • 初期化する [Restore Default]
      • メイン称号一覧 [View Obtained Main Titles]
      • 称号プレート一覧 [View Obtained Title Plates]
      • デコレーション称号一覧 [View Obtained Decoration Titles]
      • メイン称号獲得履歴 [Main Title Acquisition History]
      • 称号プレート獲得履歴 [Title Plate Acquisition History]
      • デコレーション称号獲得履歴 [Decoration Title Acquisition History]
    • 上書き設定 [Overwrite Settings] offers many options for you regarding how newly-obtained titles will overwrite your current title.
      • 称号文字列上書き設定 [Title String Overwrite Settings]
        • 上書きする(A) - Overwrites the current main title, and removes decoration titles.
        • 上書きする(B) - Overwrites the current main title, removing decoration titles only if the new full title exceeds the character limit.
        • 上書きする(C) - Overwrites the current main title only if the new full title does not exceed the character limit.
        • 上書きしない - Never overwrite the title. For examples, see table A below.
      • 称号プレート上書き設定 [Title Plate Overwrite Settings]
        • 上書きする(A) - Always overwrites the current title plate.
        • 上書きする(B) - Overwrites the current title plate only when the new title plate is not already owned by the player.
        • 上書きしない - Never overwrite the current title plate.
      • Click on 設定を変更する to confirm your changes.
    • マイリスト [My List] lets you create custom playlists for easier song selection.
      • 筐体使用設定 [Active Playlist Setting] shows which one of your custom playlists is currently in use on the arcade cabinet.
        • 設定変更 [Change Setting] will let you choose the playlist in active use.
      • マイリスト管理 [My List Management]
        • Click on any of the five playlist slots to open it.
          • マイリスト名 [My List Name]
            • 編集 [Edit]
          • 最終改新時刻 [Time Stamp of Last Edit]
          • 楽曲リスト [Song List]
            • 登録 [Add Song]
            • 並べ替え [Change Song Order]
            • 一括削除 [Remove Songs]
          • 筐体使用設定 [Active Playlist Setting]
          • マイリスト削除 [Delete My List]
          • マイリストTOP [My List Top Menu]
    • 楽曲共通設定 [Song Common Settings] lets you change the default settings for all non-customized songs.
      • 共通モジュール設定 [Common Module Setting]
        • ボーカル1 [Vocal 1] shows the default module used for solo songs and voice 1 in duets
        • ボーカル2 [Vocal 2] shows the default module used for voice 2 in duets
        • 共通モジュール設定変更 [Change Common Module Setting]
        • 初期設定に戻す [Restore Default Setting]
      • 共通スキン設定 [Common Skin Setting]
        • 共通スキン設定変更 [Change Common Skin Setting]
        • スキンを未設定にする [Set No Common Skin]
      • 共通ボタン音設定 [Common Button Sound Setting]
        • 共通ボタン音設定変更 [Change Common Button Sound Setting]
        • ボタン音を未設定にする [Set No Common Button Sound]
      • 楽曲別設定 [Song Customized Settings]
    • 楽曲別設定 [Song Customized Settings] lets you customize the module(s), skin, and button sound for each song individually.
      • Songs are arranged in release order (newest at top). Under each song you will see the following customization options:
        • ボーカル1 [Vocal 1] - Module used for the song.
        • ボーカル2 [Vocal 2] - This option only appears for duet songs. This will be the module used for voice 2.
        • スキン [Skin]
        • ボタン音 [Button Sound]
      • 未設定にする(全楽曲) [Remove Customizations (All Songs)]
      • 楽曲共通設定 [Song Common Settings]
    • ON/OFF設定 [ON/OFF Settings] will let you toggle all song customized settings on or off temporarily.
  • コンテスト [Contests]
    • 開催情報 [Contest Information]
      • 参加中のコンテスト [Current Participation] shows your progress in any course in the current contest. If you have completed a course, it counts as finished and will not show up here.
      • 開催中のコンテスト [Current Contest] shows your results for finished courses in the current contest. Courses are arranged in increasing difficulty (初級 beginner, 中級 intermediate, 上級 advanced) from top to bottom.
        • 達成済みボーダー [Rewards Achieved] will display whether you have reached the quotas for bronze, silver, and gold rewards.
        • 自分ベスト [Personal Best]
      • ランキング [Ranking]
    • 参加履歴 [Participation History] lists all the contests you have ever participated in, including any currently ongoing ones. Contests are arranged by newest at the top, and the courses within each contest are arranged by higher difficulty at the top. Clicking on any open contest will bring you to the same page as Contest Information above. Clicking on an ended contest and course will list the following information:
      • 参加賞 [VP Bonus] - Only applies to newer contests that support this feature.
      • 銅ボーダー [Bronze Quota]
      • 銅報酬 [Bronze Reward]
      • 銀ボーダー [Silver Quota]
      • 銀報酬 [Silver Reward]
      • 金ボーダー [Gold Quota]
      • 金報酬 [Gold Reward]
      • 達成済みボーダー [Rewards Achieved]
      • 自分ベスト [Personal Best]
      • ランキング表示 [Display Ranking] - Brings you directly to the rankings for this contest and course.
    • ランキング [Ranking]
      • 開催中のコンテスト [Current Contest] will list the top three players for each course for the current contest. Courses are arranged in increasing difficulty (初級 beginner, 中級 intermediate, 上級 advanced) from top to bottom.
        • [初級]の300位までを表示する [List Top 300 for Beginner]
        • [中級]の300位までを表示する [List Top 300 for Intermediate]
        • [上級]の300位までを表示する [List Top 300 for Advanced]
      • ランクインリスト [Rank-in List]
      • 過去のコンテスト [Past Contests] will provide links for the previous ended contest.
        • 過去のコンテストランキング一覧 [View Past Contests] will provide links for older contests.
  • ショップ [Shops]
    • モジュールショップ [Module Shop]
      • Click on any Vocaloid to view their modules.
        • 所持VOCALOID POINT [Current VP]
        • 最近発売されたモジュール [New Modules] will list the newest modules added to the shop. You can click on any module here to directly open its page.
        • 販売中のモジュール[Available Modules]
          • Click on any module to open that module's page, which contains a screenshot of the module and the following information:
            • モジュール名 [Module Name]
            • 所持状態 [Ownership] - 購入済 [Purchased] or 未購入 [Not Purchased]
            • VOCALOID POINT - Cost of the module.
            • 所持VOCALOID POINT [Current VP]
            • Click on 購入する [Buy] to confirm purchase. You will be informed of your remaining VP and be given the following links:
              • モジュール設定 [Module Setting] brings you to the Common Module Setting page.
              • モジュールリスト [Module List] brings you to the Module List page under Other Information category on main menu.
              • モジュールショップ [Module Shop]
    • スキンショップ [Skin Shop]
      • 所持VOCALOID POINT [Current VP]
      • 最近発売されたスキン [New Skins] will list the newest skins added to the shop. You can click on any skin here to directly open its page.
      • 販売中のスキン[Available Skins]
        • Skins are categorized by their designer. Clicking on any skin will list all available color variations for that skin. Clicking on any color variation will open a page which contains a screenshot of the skin and color variation, and the following information:
          • スキン名称 [Skin Name]
          • イラストレーター [Illustrator]
          • VOCALOID POINT - Cost of the skin.
          • 所持VOCALOID POINT [Current VP]
          • Click on 購入する [Buy] to confirm purchase.
    • 称号ショップ [Title Shop]
      • 称号プレートショップ [Title Plate Shop]
        • 所持VOCALOID POINT [Current VP]
        • 最近発売された称号プレート [New Title Plates]
          • Click on 新発売リスト [New Release List] to display all the newest title plates.
        • 販売中の称号プレート [Available Title Plates]
          • シンプル [Simple] - Lists simple plates that have a single color.
          • スチール [Steel] - Lists steel plates that have a single color with a slight metallic polish.
          • テクスチャー(パターン) [Textured (Pattern)] - Lists textured plates with patterns.
      • デコレーション称号ショップ [Decoration Title Shop]
        • 所持VOCALOID POINT [Current VP]
        • 最近発売されたデコレーション称号 [New Decoration Titles]
          • Click on 新発売リスト [New Release List] to display all the newest decoration titles.
        • 販売中のデコレーション称号 [Available Decoration Titles]
          • Decoration titles are sorted by Japanese kana phonetically.
          • See Decoration Titles for more information.
    • リザルトピクチャーショップ [Result Picture Shop]
      • 所持VOCALOID POINT [Current VP]
      • サンプル画像 [Sample Picture] will show you samples for each resolution and/or quality.
      • Under each song listed you will see the following options:
      • 詳細 [Details]
      • 画像購入 [Purchase Image]
      • See Result Picture Shop for more information.
  • レコード [DIVA RECORD]
    • DIVAレコード
      • クリア判定を受ける [Check Clearing Criteria]
      • Click on the pages (1ページ, 2ページ, etc.) to list out all your RECORD.
      • See DIVA RECORD for more information.
  • プレゼント[Present] informs you of gifts from SEGA.
    • プレゼント
      • Click on any link here to see if you are eligible for the gift. Received gifts are marked with (済) [Received] behind their names.
  • 各種情報 [Other Information]
    • クリア統計情報 [Overall Clear Statistics]
      • 総合クリア統計 [Total Clear Statistics] shows you how many notecharts you have cleared across all difficulties, sorted by STANDARD, GREAT, and PERFECT (each perfect notechart counts once in each rating). You can also see how many perfect trials you have completed as well as your average Completion Rate on all notecharts across all difficulties.
      • 難易度別クリア統計 [Difficulty Clear Statistics] breaks down the above statistics by difficulty.
      • クリア統計詳細情報 [Detailed Clear Statistics] will further sort the above statistics by difficulty, individual rating (each rating counts only for itself e.g. perfect will count only as perfect and not once in each rating), and individual trials (C-trials, G-trials, P-trials).
        • You can click directly on the number beside each filter to list all songs counted under that statistic. You can then directly add any or all the songs directly to one of your My List, useful if you are compiling a list of songs you want to perfect or do trials for.
    • 楽曲リスト(プレイ情報確認) [Song List (Song Statistics)] will list every song in the game, sorted by release order (newest at top). Clicking on any song will open its individual page with the illustrated cover and statistics showing your clear rating and trials completed on each difficulty for that song, as well as the following information:
      • 作曲者 [Composer]
      • 作詞者 [Lyricist]
      • 編曲者 [Arranger]
      • イラストレーター [Illustrator]
      • ハイスコアランキング [Highscore Ranking]
      • 楽曲リスト [Song List]
    • モジュールリスト [Module List]
      • Click on any Vocaloid to view their modules.
        • Click on any module to open that module's page. Modules that you do not yet own will be marked with 未購入 [Not Purchased] behind their names.
      • モジュール獲得履歴 [Module Acquisition History] will show you the last 10 modules you acquired and the method of acquisition.
    • ランクインリスト [Rank-in List] shows you any song you have successfully ranked-in (top 300) under the following categories:
      • 達成率ランキング [Completion Rate Ranking]
      • ハイスコアランキング [Highscore Ranking]
    • ハイスコアランキング [Highscore Ranking] will list every song in the game, sorted by release order (newest at top). Clicking on any song will display the top 3 highscores for EXTREME on top, and HARD below.
      • EXTREMEの300位までを表示する [List Top 300 for EXTREME]
      • HARDの300位までを表示する [List Top 300 for HARD]
      • ハイスコアランキング楽曲リスト [Highscore Ranking Song List]
    • 達成率ランキング [Completion Rate Ranking] will list the top 3 average Completion Rates across all difficulties on top, for EXTREME in the middle, and for HARD below.
      • 全難易度300位までを表示する [List Top 300 Across All Difficulties]
      • EXTREME300位までを表示する [List Top 300 for EXTREME]
      • HARD300位までを表示する [List Top 300 for HARD]
      • クリア統計情報 [Overall Clear Statistics]
    • アクセスコード確認 [Access Code Confirmation]
      • Enter your password in the following page and click on 送信 [Send]. Your access code will be displayed for you.
    • 店舗検索 [Arcade Search]
      • First select your region (of Japan), then prefecture, then the shop. The following information about the selected shop will be displayed:
        • 設置台数 [Number of Cabinets]
        • 店舗からのPR [PR Message from Arcade]
        • 営業時間 [Opening Hours]
        • 最寄駅 [Nearest Station]
        • 住所 [Address]
  • ヘルプ [Help]
  • ご意見/ご感想 [Feedback]
  • ログアウト [Logout]

TABLE A - Example for Title Overwrite Settings
Current Title
荒ぶるガイヤルドの消失 (11)
マジカルガイヤルドにご注意 (13)
上書きする(A) New Title
インテルメッツォ (8)
インテルメッツォ (8)
上書きする(B) New Title
荒ぶるインテルメッツォの消失 (14)
インテルメッツォ (8)
上書きする(C) New Title
荒ぶるインテルメッツォの消失 (14)
マジカルガイヤルドにご注意 (13)
上書きしない New Title
荒ぶるガイヤルドの消失 (11)
マジカルガイヤルドにご注意 (13)
The number in bracket shows the number of characters in the title.
This table illustrates what happens with each overwrite setting, when a player is promoted from ガイヤルド (5) to インテルメッツォ (8) while having different combinations of decoration titles.

Access Rights
  • To use all features of DIVA.NET, the player must first obtain full access rights.
  • Upon initializing a new memory card, 30 days of full access rights are presented to the player.
  • For every 10 games of DIVA AC played, another 30 days of rights will be given, to a maximum of 60 days.
    • With 31 or more days of rights on hand, DIVA.NET will not display any counters for remaining days or plays needed to extend rights.
    • So access rights can only be extended when there are 30 or less days remaining.
    • When the player has no access rights (0 days remaining), the option to directly purchase access rights will appear.
      • 30 days of access rights will cost 200 yen. Payment can be made through WebMoney or credit cards.
  • Without full access rights, the following menus will be disabled:
    • Player Information
      • All history logs
    • Settings
      • Change Player Name
      • Title Settings
      • My List
      • Song Common Settings
      • Song Customized Settings
    • Contests
    • Shops
      • Module Shop
      • Skin Shop
      • Title Shop
    • Other Information
      • Overall Clear Statistics
      • Song List (Song Statistics) - Only list of songs and song information (composer, lyricist, arranger, illustrator) will be accessible. Play records will not be available.
      • Module List - Only the list itself can be browsed. Purchase status will not be indicated.
      • Rank-in List
      • Highscore Ranking
      • Completion Rate Ranking
  • Previous settings for titles or modules will be saved even after losing full access rights. The player does not actually lose any data on the memory card.
  • Once full access rights have been re-obtained, all menus will function and all settings can be changed as normal.
  • The explanation on the official (English) website is here.
  • The explanation on DIVA.NET itself is here (Japanese).


  • The login page is here.
  • While DIVA.NET initially only accept password entries that are combinations of capital letters and numbers, as of 11 April, it accepts small letters too.