Result Picture Shop (Arcade)

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Result Picture Shop (Arcade)


This shop allows players to generate a photo of any result from their last 20 songs played.
The photo will contain the percentage of each note rating, song rating, completion rate, score, difficulty level and stars, trial completed (if any), and module(s) used.
Players can choose between 3 resolutions and 3 image quality levels, and whether to reveal the player name and/or arcade name.
The photo will also display the illustrated cover and background of the song played.
Each picture generated will cost 30 VP.

The Result Picture Shop was added to DIVA.NET on 17th May 2012.

Generating a Picture

  1. Login to DIVA.NET.
  2. Click on リザルトピクチャーショップ (Result Capture Shop) on the menu. It is under the category of ショップ (Shops).
  3. Your last 20 songs played will be listed. Beneath each song summary you can click on 詳細 (details) to see all the details that will be displayed in the picture.
  4. Click on 画像購入 (image purchase) to generate a photo for that song. It will cost 30 VP.
  5. The default options will be at the highest resolution (1280x720) and highest quality. Click on オプション変更 (change options) to tweak the picture.
    • Under options, you can select from 3 options (1280x720 or 960x540 or 640x360) and 3 quality levels (高画質 high, 中画質 medium, 低画質 low).
    • You can also select whether to display the player name (プレイヤー名表示) and/or arcade name (プレイ店舗名表示).
  6. Finally, click on ダウンロード (download) to save the photo to your system.

Note 1: Any picture you purchase will only be available for download for 24 hours from the time of purchase.
Note 2: You can only download the picture while it is still within the last 20 songs you played.

Picture Explanation

Using this sample as reference.

クリアトライアル 成功!
Trial completed, if any.
Bonus from multi-buttons and hold notes.
Completion rate.
店舗名 (at bottom left)
Arcade name.