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These are differences between Project DIVA 2nd and Project DIVA Extend. If you want to know what's also different between Project DIVA and Project DIVA Extend visit New Features in 2nd.


  • Some Help Items are removed and replaced with new Challenge Items which make your Gameplay more difficult. Usually the Help Items which are replaced are "lower" versions of the Help Items in Extend, such as the "RECOVERY" Help Item.
  • In the Song Select screen, you can also view the whole PV of the song you have cleared by pressing the Triangle button.
  • You are now able to press START on the song selection screen to toggle "Default Characters" on and off. This will appear the original singer of the song in the original outfit without changing the current module.
  • The colors for the difficulty text on the top is changed, from the light-blue colour in Project DIVA 2nd, to green for EASY, blue for NORMAL, purple for HARD, red for EXTREME.
  • Project DIVA extend is the first Project DIVA game to make the distinction between Geki Shou's EXTREME and the other 9-Star song's EXTREME, while the latter's star colors are white.

Characters and Modules

  • Modules from Project DIVA and Project DIVA 2nd you have unlocked in Project DIVA 2nd will be obtained for free if you have the data file and started a new game. (Project DIVA 2nd Savedata only!)
  • While most modules will be unlocked by playing a specific song on a specific difficulty, other modules will be unlocked randomly if you matched specific criterias. (Like: "Use X 100 times" or "Play a random song on EXTREME")
  • Characters in the result screen are now animated and motions.
  • In the Module Select screen, you can swap characters' places by pressing the Triangle button.

Rank and Scoring

  • You will now be able to see your clear rate in percent.
  • Your Rank will be now visible in the Song selection screen. You are now able to see which song and which difficulty you completed with a PERFECT or a MISSxTAKE for example.
  • The Completion bar around the Health gauge is now calculated according to the note hits percentage.
  • You can take screenshots of your final scores in the result screen by pressing the R-button!


  • As in Project DIVA and Project DIVA 2nd you are able once again to control Hachune Miku in the credits of the game. But this time you get Hit-Combos and Points for destroying the names!
  • Dubbed versions of the OP cinematics of Project DIVA 2nd and Project DIVA Extend are included in the game and will be unlocked together with the credits once you cleared all songs on NORMAL.
  • There are lesser loading screens in EXTEND now. Instead of artworks by various artists, now the loading screens are arts of the new modules included in EXTEND, examples like "Chirstmas Modules" and "SONIC 20th Anniversary"