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  • Instead of five stars, the difficulty rating will range from 1 star to 9 stars.
  • The vocals and the music are no longer separated, so they keep singing even if you miss.
  • You can now use the pad and alternate freely between it and the face buttons for normal notes (i.e., you can press X or Down, it still counts)
  • There are two new types of notes: "Double" and "Long" notes.
  • Long notes are denoted by the note symbol followed by a long line with another symbol on its end. You must press and hold the note, then release it once you reach the end of the line.
  • Double notes are denoted by an arrow symbol with a "W". These are like regular notes except you need to press the button AND the directional pad equivalent at the same time.
  • There's a 4th difficulty now, "Extreme". It brings no new gameplay otherwise, it is just a harder version of HARD, to test the almighty's skills.
  • You can play any song with any character, the game won't force you to change characters at any time, not even for the non-Miku songs.
  • There are duet songs now, and you can freely choose both characters.
  • There's "titles", which is pretty much this game's version of achievements.
  • Pressing triangle while at a selected song will send you to the character selection and will tell you who is the default character for that song
  • There's a shop now. You can buy any unlocked costumes, room accesories, rooms, and help items using a new game currency called DIVA Points (DP for short), which are awarded to you every time you clear a stage, depending on your rank and overall score.
  • Help items are used to improve the gameplay.

Characters and Modules

  • The Module menu is now called the "Character Select" menu and modules are grouped by character instead of the long list of the 1st game.
  • Playable characters include : Miku, Luka, Rin, Len, Kaito, Meiko, Sakine Meiko, Haku and Neru.
  • Unlocked costumes can only be aquired by buying them in the shop. However, costumes that have been unlocked in the first game will be obtained for free if you have the data file and started a new game.
  • Unlocking modules is more straight forward now, as the requirements no longer depend on ranks or making long combo chains.
  • Everyone now has a voice at the results screen including Neru and Haku.

Rank and Scoring

  • There's a new rank between "GREAT" and "PERFECT" called "EXCELLENT"
  • Ranks no longer depend on score, but rather, the accumulated count of your COOL and FINE notes. You can check the rank requirements for each song by pressing Triangle at the confirmation screen before the song starts.
  • "PERFECT" rank still requires you to make an unbreakable combo from beginning to end.
  • The game will tell you when you've achieved a high score.

Diva Room

  • Individual rooms for each character, and the title is named "DIVA room" instead of "Miku DIVA Room", indicating that it's not just Miku that you can see!
  • Every character's diva room has to be bought at the store except Miku's.
  • You can give "presents" to the characters, which affects their happiness level.
  • You can watch PVs here and also able to create 3 playlists with 70 PVs each (you can have multiple of the same PV in a playlist) (Note: The selected character(s) will stay in their costume throughout the whole playlist)
  • You can create 3 playlists with up to 70 of your mp3s and unlocked songs in each (you can have multiple of the same song in a playlist)
  • Gallery has been moved to here
  • Other characters can visit the selected character's room and interact with each other (at random times)

Project DIVA 2nd#

  • Project DIVA 2nd# is basically a slightly upgraded version of Project DIVA 2nd.
  • It contains some bug fixes and menu improvements based on Project DIVA extend.
  • 2nd# is also able to use the extend Module DLC which adds all modules from Project DIVA extend to the game.