Changes in Arcade

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Changes in Arcade


  • The gameplay is mostly similar to the PSP versions (the objective remains to aim for higher scores by hitting buttons while timing them with their icons on-screen).
  • The screen is touch-sensitive, allowing players to adjust various options (like volume).
  • The completion gauge at the bottom of the screen represents the completion rate. Failure to reach the green-colored part of the gauge indicates a failure even if the song was completed successfully.
  • The life gauge is displayed at the top of the screen. Depletion of this gauge results in immediate failure even if mid-song.
  • There are two new kinds of notes in the Arcade version, multi and hold notes. Long notes from Project DIVA 2nd and extend do not exist on the Arcade.
  • There are new PVs for all songs that did not have them.
  • Completion of a song rewards Vocaloid Points (VP) for various uses.
  • Addition of completion-based levels and rating-based ranks (titles) to track players' progress and achievements.
  • Players who purchase the IC card can store details such as player name, scores, level/rank, VP earned, modules bought, custom settings for each song, etc.
    • Most functions are made available through the DIVA.NET service accessible online. See DIVA.NET.
  • Optional trials where players can stake their VP. Successful fulfillment of certain tasks reward more VP whereas failure causes the VP to be lost.
  • For more details such as exact numbers, see Game Mechanics.

Game Modes

  • Normal Mode: Allows you to play two songs only if you manage to clear the first song you select. Failure in the first song results in a Game Over.
  • Finish Mode: Only lets you play one song but the Life Gauge will not deplete. Recommended for players who want to experience higher difficulty songs without any danger of Game Over halfway through. Spending 10 VP in this mode will enable PV mode. Lyrics can be toggled on/off with the button.
  • Contest Mode: Consists of different courses tailored to different skill levels. Successful completion grants various rewards. See Contests.


  • As with DIVA 2nd, modules are not tied to specific songs, but are purchased with VP earned from completing songs. See List of Modules.


  • The CHEAP rating on the PSP versions of Project DIVA does not exist in Arcade. Instead, MISSxTAKE is used.
  • Due to feedback that COOL ratings are slightly laggy on the PSP, the Arcade version has been updated to feature better timing.
  • For the exact scoring system, see Game Mechanics.