Ad Hoc (2nd)

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The options for the Ad Hoc menu are, from top to bottom:

Send Edit Data
Receive Edit Data
プロフィール?? (??)
Send Profile
プロフィール?? (??)
Receive Profile
Back to Home

All Send/Receive options require the PSP's WLAN switch to be turned on to access. For sending Edit Data, you must first choose a Edit Data file to send, followed by a Room (numbered 1-10) to start transmitting from. Others will then use the Receive Edit Data option to retrieve your data.
When using the Receive Edit Data option, the PSP will scan for any open rooms. When one is found, you can choose it and download the data being sent.

Sending/Receiving Profiles work the same way except that senders do not need to select a piece of data before starting a room. All downloaded profiles are saved to the Friend option in Player Records

Back to Home will bring you back to the Main Menu.