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A Wololo moderator named Codestation has started translating extend. The patch is actually a plugin instead of a regular ISO patch, which means it is easier to update and also makes it possible to play from the UMD without any ISO. It still does require a CFW to load the plugin.
Original wololo link - As of the 0.5 beta releases, the game is nearly 100% translated!

Using the patch

1) You need to softmod your PSP. You don't need anything fancy to do it, and the risk to brick (brick: homebrew vocabulary, meaning to break your console - it's as useful as a brick then) your PSP is almost 0%. Here is good guide how to softmod your PSP to latest PRO-B firmware.
2) Copy the "divapatch" folder inside the .ZIP into the "seplugins" folder in the root of your Memory Stick.
3) Add the following line to GAME.TXT in same folder: ms0:/seplugins/divapatch/divapatch.prx 1 (if using a PSP Go, replace ms0:/... with ef0:/... - if the folder or the file do not exist, create them)
4) Restart the VSH by choosing the option in the Recovery Menu (press SELECT on the XMB) or restart PSP (3 seconds power button and turn PSP back on, slower option). Then start the game.
If a new patch is released, just replace the old files with the new ones, unless instructed otherwise.
!) If you use decrypted DLC, then use nploader instead of nodrm. Also, make sure that nploader.prx is listed before divapatch.prx.

Translating to a different language

The SDK folder in the .ZIP file contains all you need to help translate or to translate the game to a whole different language!

Use decent text editor to edit txt (that doesn't mean Windows Notepad! Use e.g. Notepad++ or Notepad2) files and use shift-jis as encoding. Description of files:
- divaext_translation.txt: main translation filename
- divaext_embedded.txt: texts that cannot be relocated so they have size constraints
- divaext_*_base.txt: untranslated files for use as reference (if you think that a translation is wrong, then you can use those files to re-check it).
- diva2nd_translation.txt: 2nd translation file if you want to translate 2nd instead of extend.

After translating/making changes to a txt file:
Windows: drop the translation txt file on the divaconverter.exe and it will create a .bin file
Linux: execute ./divaconvert <translation filename>.txt

After converting, replace the old patch files with the new ones.

Images are in XCF format which can be opened with Gimp. You need to convert the final images to 8bit indexed PNG files. pngquant is handy for this. (Nightsail used, and included in the 0.5beta6 release, pngnqi.) Font used in the main patch is called "Berkelium" and the font for the HUD (bottom of the screen control directions) is "Bitstream Vera Sans Mono"

Version history

v0.5-beta6 (September 7, 2012)
- Massive translation/fixes. 2200+ changes.
- Fixed a glitch with sample lyric text for color selection in Edit mode.
- Edit mode is translated. (still being tested)
- Names for Edit mode character motions, backgrounds, effects, camera presets,
facial expressions, etc, have been translated.
- Most Diva Room Event titles have been translated. (now verifying them)
- The PD2-to-PDE system data import and other new-game-related text has been translated.
- Almost all song lyrics have been converted to Romaji.
- Many lines have been re-written for better phrasing/grammar, consistency, and clarity.
This includes Player Title descriptions, various menu descriptions, the playlist functions in the Diva Rooms,
various confirmation dialogs, etc...
- All but four bottom-of-the-screen HUD control descriptors have been translated.
Untranslated ones have red/pinkish icons. (Please let us know how to see it, if you find it in-game!)
- Tutorial translated
- Ad Hoc mode is translated. (still being tested)
- Friends system is 99% translated. (still being tested)
- A few more offsets found.
- Changed plugin. Now stores PDE replacement images in a subfolder.

v0.4-r2 (minor)
- Fixed crash when giving a hanging scroll (weakness) as a present in the DIVA room
- Renamed Absolute Territory -> Zettai Ryouiki, for those who knows what this means
- Modified translation samples for PD 2nd#/2nd1.01

v0.4-r1 (minor)
- Improve image quality: changed png quantizer (pngnq -> pngquant).

v0.4 (December 15,2011)
- "Edit mode" is further translated.
- "Play records" is translated.
- "DIVA room" is 99% translated.
- Rest of the titles are translated.
- Home, load, save, delete, osk, ad-hoc, and screenshot psp dialogs now are in english.
- Restored support to translate Project Diva 1st.
- Two more songs lyrics are translated to romaji (Sekiranun Graffiti and Rin Rin Signal).
- Almost all modes must be completly translated, with some exceptions:
-- 1% of the Titles.
-- Diva room events (their descriptions are translated).
-- Ad-hoc messages (don't have another psp to test this).
-- Friend system (don't have another psp to test this).
-- Data import/install one-time messages.
-- Edit mode motions, backgrounds, button sounds and other misc texts.

v0.3 (November 29, 2011)
- more strings translated in general.
- song high score screen (the one before starting the game)
- top bar titles (the ones with the "home/edit mode/ adhoc/ diva room" texts)
- edit mode setup (song, module, background, effects, items, movements selection).
- very little of edit mode main mode.
- some songs lyrics have been translated into romaji:

    • Kocchi Muite Baby
    • Yellow
    • Colorful x Melody
    • Hatsune Miku no Gekishou
    • Roshin Yuukai
    • Just Be Friends
    • Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu
    • Kogane no Seiya Sousetsu ni Kuchite

v0.2 (November 16, 2011)
- more texts and initial support for translating text on images.

v0.1 (November 11, 2011)
- initial release
"For those who want to see how the translation is going, i have attached the version 0.1, i hope to finish the DIVA room and the rest of scattered text soon enough to start working on the edit mode."

Coming soon:
- Finish the translation of the exceptions list above.
- Finish testing error messages, etc.
- Finish romaji lyrics.
- Finish english lyrics.

Mirror links

For 5.XX firmwares (missing PSP menu translations, doesn't update?)

Other language translations

Share your own translation to other languages here! You can use third party host, own host or upload files to the wiki. Put only modified files to ZIP so user can download latest patch and replace necessary files. Last update, version and author must be mentioned!

Spanish (Español)

French Language (Français)

  • Diva FR Patch Installer v3.1 Official (Sonic DX from ProjectDIVA.Fr)
    Detailed Descriptions in french in the ProjectDIVA.Fr forum thread.

Finnish Language (Suomi)

Finnish language started by marioysikax