Translation Patch (2nd Low Price Edition)

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Translation Patch (2nd Low Price Edition)


This patch was created by Sonic DX, a member of the ProjectDIVA.Fr forums. The patch is actually a plugin instead of a regular ISO patch, which means it is easier to update and also makes it possible to play from the UMD without any ISO. It still does reguire a CFW to load the plugin.
Original link to french patch

Using patch

1) You need to softmod your PSP. You don't need anything fancy to do it and the risk to brick (brick: homebrew vocabulary, meaning to break your console - it's as useful as a brick then) your PSP is almost 0%. Here is good guide how to softmod your PSP to latest PRO-B firmware.
2) Copy all the files inside .ZIP into a "divapatch" folder in the "seplugins" folder of your Memory Stick. ATTENTION: If you already use codestation's Project DIVA extend patch you'll overwrite the divapatch.prx, which is no problem. Just put all files into the same folder, then skip to step 4.
3) Add the following line to GAME.TXT in same folder: ms0:/seplugins/divapatch/divapatch.prx 1 (if using a PSP Go, replace ms0:/... with ef0:/... - if the folder or the file do not exist, create them)
4) Restart the VSH by choosing the option in the Recovery Menu (press SELECT on the XMB) or restart PSP (3 seconds power button and turn PSP back on, slower option). Then start the game.
If new patch shows up, just replace the old files with the new ones if not instructed otherwise).
!) If you use decrypted dlc then use nploader instead of nodrm, also make sure that
nploader.prx is listed before divapatch.prx.

Mirror links

For 5.XX firmwares (missing PSP menu translations, doesn't update?)

Other language translations

Share your own translation to other languages here! You can use third party host, own host or upload files to wiki. Put only modified files to ZIP so user can download latest patch and replace neccessary files. Last update, version and author must be mentioned!

French Language (Français)

Diva FR Patch Installer v3.1 Official (Sonic DX from ProjectDIVA.Fr)[File: external image pic0003zi.png]

Detailed Descriptions in french in the ProjectDIVA.Fr forum thread.