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Tools Required

The game's main menu with the translation patch applied

Doing this hack was surprisingly easy. These are the tools that I used for those of you who are curious.

  • PRX Decrypt - Decrypts EBOOT.BIN.
  • MadEdit - THE best Hex Editor that supports Shift-Jis Japanese.
  • CD Mage Beta - Best for re-inserting files back into the ISO without screwing up the LBAs.
  • AFSExplorer - Extracts the giant AFS files that can be found in the ISO.
  • Gimp and Paint.NET - For all your image editing needs, and they're FREE.
  • pngnq, PNGoo - Converts 32bit PNGs into 8bit+alpha. All the PNGs in the game are in this rare format.
  • PPF-O-Matic 3 - For creating and applying PPF patches.


First you need an UNTOUCHED ISO of Hatsune Miku - Project Diva. If you have ever modified the ISO, compressed it to a CSO, ripped the padding, or ripped the update folder then this patch probably won’t work. Also it is recommended that you don't patch over an older release. Only apply the patch to a fresh Japanese ISO. Also, make sure that you back up your ISO before applying the patch.

The following steps correspond to the pictures of the same number in the "applying the patch" folder included with the download. I apologize if some of the things covered in this short tutorial are painfully obvious to you, but I want to make sure that everyone, regardless of their technical knowledge will be able to play this patch. Thanks for bearing with me! Now, let's get started!

1. Download the archive, with X.X representing the version number.
2. Extract the contents of the archive to wherever you want. Simply right click the .zip file, and select Extract All.

3. The contents of the archive should now be extracted. Open the folder and you should find several files.
4. Open up ppf-o-matic3.exe
5. You should come to a screen similar to what is shown in the picture. Click on the little floppy disk icon to the right of "ISO File"
6. Navigate to wherever you've saved your Project DIVA ISO, and double click it.
7. Your screen should look similar to the picture. Now, click on the floppy disk icon next to where it says "Patch".
8. Navigate to where you saved the patch. It should be in the same folder as ppf-o-matic, and shouold be named "Project Diva - X.X Patch.ppf", with X.X again representing the patch version. Double click the patch.
9. Some text should appear in the ppf-o-matic window. It's not really important for our purposes what it says, so just click on "Apply".
10. After a few seconds, a window should appear telling you that you've successfully applied the ppf patch. Close this window.

11. Now, for the easier part of the installing the patch. In the same folder as ppf-o-matic, there should be a folder called divapatch. Connect your PSP to your computer and navigate to ms0:/SEPLUGINS/. If this directory doesn't exist, create it. Copy the divapatch folder and its contents to the SEPLUGINS folder.
NOTE: "ms0:/" simply refers to whatever letter drive your PSP is assigned to when it's connected to your computer. In my case, it is I:/, but it may be different for you.

12. In your GAME.TXT file in the SEPLUGINS folder, add the line "ms0:/seplugins/divapatch/divapatch.prx 1", without the quotes. If you do not have a GAME.TXT, create one. Make sure you save the changes you make.
If you use decrypted dlc then use nploader instead of nodrm. Also make sure that nploader.prx is listed before divapatch.prx.PD_Patch_Tutorial_12.png
13. For the final step, all you need to do is copy your patched ISO from step 10 to ms0:/ISO/. If you don't have an ISO folder, create one.

After it's done copying, you can now boot up your PSP and start playing Project DIVA in English!

Version History

v0.9 MAIN PATCH (December 6th 2014)

  • Finished English Lyrics for all songs
    • NOTE: Not all songs have been translated in the ppf patch (yet)
  • Updated lyrics to reflect official lyrics present in Project DIVA F2nd where applicable
  • Changed "Rain of Cherry Blossoms" to "Sakura Rain -standard edit-"
  • Fixed some typos

v0.8 MAIN PATCH (September 1st 2014)

  • Updated a few song names to match their official localized names
  • Finished English Lyrics for all songs except:
    • Rain of Cherry Blossoms
    • I'll Miku Miku You (For Reals)
    • NOTE: Velvet Arabesque and The Vanishing of Hatsune Miku haven't been translated in the ppf patch (yet), only in the divapatch files (sorry emulator users!)
  • Redid thumbnail for Requiem for the Phantasma
  • Ported more of the text to divapatch (i.e. all songs)
  • Retranslated several songs and pieces of text to be more accurate
  • Removed romaji diva_embedded.bin

v0.5 MAIN PATCH (June 5th 2014)

  • Project is now under new management
  • Menus are in English
  • "Rhythm Game Editor" is mostly, if not completely translated.
  • "Miku's Room" is translated.
  • Song titles are in English
    • World is Mine
    • Love is War
    • That One Second, in Slow Motion
    • The Rebel
    • Melt
    • Far Away
    • Song of Desert, Forest & Magic (All ver.)
  • Included an optional romaji diva1st_embedded.bin, making the aforementioned lyrics romaji
    NOTE: Because of technical reasons, Song of Desert, Forest & Magic will remain in English.
  • Ad-hoc messages SHOULD be in English, but I have no way to test this.
  • Song thumbnails are in English
  • New save icons
  • New screenshot icon

v0.02 MAIN PATCH (October 23rd 2009)

  • Minor fixes to Miku's Room, and Module names.

v0.02 Romaji Titles (October 23rd 2009)

  • Song splash screens are now translated and converted to Romaji.
  • Freeplay song names now look correct.

v0.01 MAIN PATCH (October 4th 2009)

  • New Title Screen
  • New ICON0 and PIC0
  • Main Menus translated
  • Modules (Costumes) translated
  • Miku's Rooms and Accessories translated
  • Sound Effects in Rhythm Game Editor translated
  • Stages in Rhythm Game Editor translated.
  • Motions (dances) in Rhythm Game Editor translated.
  • Expressions in Rhythm Game Editor translated.
  • Most Camera Options in Rhythm Game Editor translated.
  • Fixed minor graphical bug in Len/Rin's song thumbnails.
  • Killed the watermark that shows up during a PV.

v0.01 Romaji Lyrics (October 4th 2009)

  • All lyrics converted to Romaji based on wikispaces articles.

v0.01 Romaji Titles (October 4th 2009)

  • All song titles converted to Romaji based on wikispaces articles.

Helping Out/Translating Into Another Language

The greatest way to help out with this patch is to play the game. I know that there are a few instances of Japanese that I haven't translated, but I couldn't find where they appear in game, if at all (they could be remnants from the game's beta). If you spot any untranslated text, mistakes, glitches, or have any suggestions, please leave a comment on the Discussion Page, or on the project's thread.

In the sdk file, I have included tools and files that I think may be helpful in translating the game into another language. If you need any assistance with this, please feel free to contact me, (FShadow) on


This patch is practically complete. The only things left to be translated are the credits and the Visual Library. After v1.0 is released, I will be working on porting the entire patch to divapatch, with an optional ISO patch for the XMB images (icon0.png, pic1.png), and releasing a no lyrics patch.

Unfortunately, the romaji patch has been discontinued since v0.5, as the game has a 40 character limit for song lyrics, which makes romaji lyrics nearly impossible, and they end up SquishedTogetherLikeThis, and sometimes even cut off. This makes the game look extremely unprofessional, which is the opposite of what I'm going for. However, if there is enough demand for it, I may reconsider.

Work on translating the DLC has already begun. Visit my photobucket to see a few screenshots. If anybody wants to help out with the translation for it, please leave a comment on the Discussion Page, or on the project's thread.

Got any comments or questions? Feel free to post on the Discussion Page.

Special Thanks

  • FShadow - Current Project Leader, Translator, and Romhacker
  • Rolen47, for creating the original English partial patch
  • lordscales91, for porting Rolen47's patch to divapatch
  • codestation, for creating divapatch and lending me some assistance in working it
  • Everyone at the Project DIVA wiki who has contributed and helped build this wonderful wiki.


Version 0.9 (Includes ppf and divapatch)
Version 0.8
SDK 0.8 (For making your own patch)
Version 0.5
SDK 0.5
Version 0.02 (Original Patch by Rolen47)