Stage 1 - Story Mission 1 (B★RS)

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Stage 1 - Story Mission 1 (B★RS)

★ Stage 1 - Mission 1

★ 最終兵器の目覚め - Awakening of the Ultimate Weapon


★ Mission Overview

Type of Mission: STORY
Recommended LV: LV2
Clear Criteria: Destroy all enemy armaments.
Availability: First Mission
Intelligence: HP can be recovered at any Terminal.

★ Mission Map


★ Walkthrough

Right away you will get a tutorial on controlling BRS. See Controls for a full list.
□ - Shoot.
× - Guard.
○ - Dodge.
R + □/△/×/○ - Use skill assigned to respective button.

★ Objective 0: Destroy all the Hornets and Eaters.

Use the analog stick or D-pad to move the targeting crosshair. Fire your Rock Cannon with the □ button. Destroy all the enemies and the mission begins for real.

★ Objective 1: Destroy all the Eaters.

Check near the back of the truck to find a Terminal. Upon using it, a tutorial will pop up teaching you about Terminals. At Terminals, you can heal and save.
Keep fighting and you will unlock a new Record for a new ability, allowing you to dodge with the ○ button.
For this objective, you will need to destroy 6 groups of Eaters.

★ Objective 2: Recover at the Terminal.

Return to the Terminal to heal.

★ Objective 3: Destroy all the Hornets.

There are 3 groups of Hornets to destroy.

★ Objective 4: Destroy the Warrior.

The Warrior is close to the Terminal. Heal and save before you fight it.
You will get a tutorial on Items. Hold the L button while in battle to bring up the item window.
If you get low on HP, do not hesitate to use a heal item.

★ Mini-Boss: Warrior

Attack Pattern:
  • Approach: Approaches you. Once close enough, it will suddenly rush towards you and attack.


  • Shoot the Warrior at range. When it reaches you, use × button to Guard and block the incoming attack.
  • It is a good idea to focus on destroying the Eaters first to reduce the pressure.
  • Use a Repairer 200 to heal if you are low on HP.


★ Records Available

First Record
Experience 4 battles.
Ability: ○ button Evade

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