Rhythm Game Items (Mirai 2 & DX)

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To access the Rhythm Game Items menu, press the L button in the Song Select screen to open up the Play Options, then the Items menu is already displayed as it is on the first tab. Unlike Project DIVA, these items can only be bought by paying your system coins known as Play Coins.

Play Coins are a system feature on the Nintendo 3DS/2DS. One coin can be earned by taking 100 steps while the 3DS/2DS is in sleep mode. Gently shaking the system can also help. You can only earn up to 10 coins per day, and up to 300 coins maximum.

These rhythm game items can only be used once per attempt. Once you select an item, the Items icon is displayed on the arrow. The purchase will take effect when selecting a song. Once a song is finished, an icon will also appear on the bottom screen to indicate that an item was in use.

5 Coins
The game automatically provides bonus Mirai Points from rainbow hold notes.
15 Coins
The life gauge will fully replenish once after it drains out. Any more points afterwards will no longer count.
Do or Die
10 Coins
An item mostly suitable for Experts. Safety Zone will no longer appear at the beginning of the song. You must get a Perfect score to clear, or otherwise, the song will immediately fail. You'll receive twice the total Mirai Points earned from the song when you clear.
10 Coins
A random SP Icon will turn into a Super SP icon. The game will tell when the Super SP icon is coming. Successfully hitting them will earn a 3,000 Mirai Point bonus at the end.
Role Model
3 Coins
The game itself will perform a Perfect run with all COOLs and have a possible highest scores and Mirai Points earned in a song in the end, but you will earn nothing.

*Gumi will come over and give the items on Fridays.