Records (B★RS)

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Records (B★RS)

★ Records

★ What are records?

Records are some kind of achievements which also unlock new skills or items.
You just have to fulfill the criteria to unlock the Record including the reward which comes with it.

Because our record list is very detailed, we seperated them into multiple pages, sorted by stage:

★ Stage 1 - San Francisco Records
★ Stage 2 - New York Records
★ Stage 3 - Moscow Records
★ Stage 4 - Fuji Jukai Records
★ Stage 5 - Tokyo Records
★ Stage 6 - Moon Records

WARNING: If you unlock a Record for a weapon/passive skill while in battle and then you end up dying in that same battle, you might not get the reward for that Record (and the Record will show up as already unlocked thus you can never receive the skill). If this happens to you, all you can do is to load an old save file. See Known Bugs.