PV Secrets (ƒ)

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To view the PV Secrets and Controls of the PS3 version of the game, see: PV Secrets (F).

In PV mode (selected in Song Select)

On the Start Screen: Hold R + Start PV = Play PV with no vocals.
During PV Mode: X = Toggle Lyrics On/Off
On the Start Screen: Hold L + Analog stick + Start PV = Play PV with solid backgrounds (Up = Blue / Down = Red / Left = Green / Right = Yellow)

In Television (DIVA Room Item/Gadget)

During PV mode:
X = Toggle Lyrics On/Off
Square = Toggle Repeat PV On/Off
Circle = Play/Pause PV
Left D-Pad = Restart PV; Previous PV (during the first second after PV starts)
Right D-Pad = Next PV

While in Loading Screen:
Hold R = Play PV with no vocals

In AR Live Mode

PSVita System = Move around to view at different perspectives (while pointing the camera at the marker)
X = Toggle lyrics On/Off
Up/Down D-Pad = Change Miku's size (Figurine size [1/6] -> Desktop size [1/2] -> Life size)
R = Take screenshot
Select = Show HUD