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  • The all-new game mode, Live Quest/Concert Request Mode.
    • Elements in Project DIVA X: Neutral, Cute, Cool, Beauty and Chaos
      The modules, stages and accessories are classified into different Elements: COOL, NEUTRAL/CLASSIC, CUTE, BEAUTY/ELEGANT, CHAOS/QUIRKY. Different permutations of modules, stages, and accessories' elements can differ Voltage acquisition rate value. Some unique combinations will have a special extra rate bonus, no matter the elements used.
    • Livequest ps4 img 03.jpg
      Each module has one skill that can affect gameplay or reward drops.
    • Score is called Voltage in this mode, and the progression bar is replaced by the Voltage Gauge. Fill it up by reaching the Voltage Goal. Clearing the goal will result in a number of "stars" being displayed at the bottom right, starting with 1. Keep hitting more notes to gain extra Voltage and accumulate up to 5 stars (or less for easier difficulties). Each Voltage star will unlock a present, or an accessory item.
    • The life gauge is replaced by the Voltage Rate percentage. It serves as a multiplier for filling up Voltage gauge to earn Voltage quicker than normal. Every 10 consecutive FINE/COOL hits increase the rate by 1%, while 10 WORST notes will lower the rate by 1% until a minimum of 100%. Because of that, no matter how the song is played, it will progress until the end and will not result in a MISSxTAKE. The only thing that can be failed is the voltage goal.
    • When clearing the Chance Time, a random module will drop into the song. If that module is new, that module is unlocked at the end only if the Voltage Goal is met. Rare modules that are introduced in X can only be dropped during songs that they are associated with.
    • Rate Up notes are notes with a big white glow. If successfully hit, each increases the Voltage Rate, depending on the friendship level of the singing Vocaloid (5% to 10%).
    • DIVA Room has been integrated into the main menu, which is called Home. After playing quests, Vocaloids return here and converse with the player or each other.
  • Event Requests composes of special kinds of events requested by the Vocaloid characters themselves. It also involves Festivals where the player can choose any 3 singular songs which will play shorter versions of the songs back-to-back.
  • All DIVA Room items will be unlocked randomly in certain songs and can be given as a present.
  • Gift Requests appear as often as the Pickup Bonus from F 2nd. From there, the player must give a Vocaloid character an item related to what they described.
  • Rush notes have the word "RUSH" under it and it can be mashed to earn points. +30 points for each press.
  • Free Play Mode returns with a few new mechanics in comparison to Live Quest Mode.
    • Free Play Mode does not feature Elements or Voltages.
    • The HUD in Free Play Mode reverts to its traditional state with progression bar and life gauge in place of Voltage gauge and rate percentage respectively.
    • New Modules do not drop in Free Play Mode. But instead, they can choose a module which will serve as a transformed state, as if it was unlocked.
    • Unlike in Live Quest Mode, skills are disabled here. Instead, Help and Challenge Items can be equipped.