New Features in Flick02

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  • MikuFlick/02 now features songs other than Miku: Rin, Len, Luka, Kaito, and Meiko.
  • Extreme mode has been added for more challenging gameplay. Clear a song in Hard to unlock it.
  • Clearing all songs in Hard will unlock the Break The Limit mode.
  • A star on the difficulty selection indicates that the song in that mode is cleared.
  • In the Result Screen, you can save your gameplay progress as a Replay to watch what you had done. Tap the replay icon at the top-right corner of the artwork. Perfect for analyzing and memorizing the note charts.
    • Caution: Only one data per difficulty of each song can be saved. Doing it twice will overwrite and lose the previous data.
  • You can also tweet your song record via Twitter. To use this feature, you need to sign up the Twitter account.
  • Also in the Results Screen is the Keyboard Flick Result. You can check the success rate of each key of the Flick Panel (Keyboard).


  • The High Score counter is added.
  • The crosshair is added to the Flick Circle and the Flick Panel to make it easier to spot.
  • During long instrumental breaks, a new key is introduced. It's called Interlude Mini-game. You can tap the button every time the note (♪) gets to the circle. Each successful hits only earns 1 point, hit all the notes in a stream without failing earns 39 points. However, it is only an optional feature and does not affect the rankings.
  • Fever Mode enables when reaching 100 combos. In this mode, the whole Lyrics Bar is rainbow-colored, and so as some of the characters. Get a COOL there to earn 1,000 bonus points.

PV Mode

  • Now a new Karaoke Mode is added to toggle vocals ON/OFF when playing a PV.


  • MikuFlick/02 now supports Downloadable Content where you can purchase additional songs at a cost of $4.99/¥450