New Features in F 2nd

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  • 2 new Starnote.png icons introduced: Double Scratch (with a W) which requires swiping 2 fingers together to hit them; and Link Scratch where these are like normal Starnote.png icons but with lines linked to each other. Similar to Hold notes, Cool f.pngs double the point increment (for each star).
  • The HUD has been redesigned once again.
  • More Rhythm Game Items are introduced.
    • Rhythm Game Items can now be combined with a maximum of three. Depending on the items chosen, your Diva Points will be increased or decreased.
    • Help Items cost 1000 DP each, and Challenge Items depending on the Difficulty being played.
  • All types of melody icons (Normal, Double, Hold, Scratch, Double Scratch, Link Scratch) now have their own set of unique button sounds. (You can still adjust the button sounds to be the same)
  • The game will consist of 3 types of songs: New, Classical, and Re: Create songs.
  • New songs are songs that are new in the Project Diva series, and Classical are returning songs from the previous Project Diva series, with their original PVs. (albeit with adjusted camera angles and improved lighting and stages, plus Chance Time bonus events). Re:Create are returning songs that have entirely new PVs.
  • All types of Starnote.png notes can now be hit with the analog sticks in the Vita version, much like in the PS3 release.
  • The system in Project DIVA F 2nd will be the same as the classic PSP versions. If you have an existing Project Diva F savedata, you can import it to F 2nd to obtain modules and customization items for free, without buying them at the Store. (Your region of the game need to be same)
  • Unlocks such as modules or accessories are now tied to an in-game achievement system, rather than awarded upon song completion.
  • Starnote.png notes now have similar properties to regular notes, and can be hit with a Safe f.png.
  • Unlike F, where you can only see the normal ending in PV mode or if you miss the chance time Starnote.png note, F2nd allows you to view the normal ending if you complete chance time with a double swipe.

Song Select Menu

  • Pressing R1/R or L1/L trigger will instead scroll up or down 7 songs.
  • A song will be randomly picked once every few songs for Pickup Mode, which is marked with a ribbon. Clearing a song in Pickup Mode right away rewards them with twice the Diva Points.
  • Information Board (インフォメーションボード) has been added to the song highlight screen. It contains a list of unlockable items from the song, or throughout the Rhythm Game.

Characters, Modules and Customization items

  • There is a total of 160 modules. 40 new, 40 classic, and 80 from F.
  • Customization items from F will be usable/bought in F 2nd.
  • Accessories have been fixed to fit some modules (i.e. breast items don't float as much, face items shape better to KAITO and MEIKO, etc).


  • The DIVA Room has more events and mini-games to play, as well as a bigger amount of room themes and furniture.
  • Presents can only be given to characters once per room visit.


  • Edit Mode will have to be downloaded separately in the Vita version, due to its increased size.
  • Network now has a list of the most popular Edit Play songs.
  • The player profile has been moved from Records to Network.


  • Songs from previous Project DIVA games now have their own Chance Time bonus events.
  • The Diva Point counter cap has increased from 9,999,999 to 99,999,999.
  • The Hatchune Miku Shooting Mini Game has returned and gameplay has improved. Instead of unlocking new abilities after every gameplay via AC machine in DIVA Room you unlock abilities during gameplay by collecting glowing letters.