New Features in DT extend

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New Features in DT extend


  • Gameplay mechanics from DT2nd remain in DT Extend. As well as the poses in the Result screen.
  • Live Concert mode is newly added to the game. It's a PV mode featuring 11 songs from Final 39's Giving Day Concert 2012, with the stage of Tokyo Dome City Hall where the concert was held in. Characters in the game perform the same way as in the real deal. Live Concert mode is interactive as well, so you can control the camera by using the analog sticks and trigger buttons. Modules are also can be customized but only the ones used in previous concerts such as 39's Giving Day 2010, MikuPa 2011, and Mikunopolis.
  • The thumbnails on the Song Select screen now have respective modules used according to a song.

​Characters and Modules

  • All DLC modules from Project Diva 2nd are already in the list as core modules. Optionally, these DLCs can be imported into via download in PSN Store.
  • 6 exclusive modules from the Arcade version are added to the DTE module list: Snow Miku 2012, Cherry Blossom Miku, AMERICANA, Kagamine Rin Deep-Red Fox, Kagamine Len Deep-Blue Fox, and Megurine Luka Conflict.