New Features in DT 2nd

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Tv 3d.png


  • Playable songs from Project Diva 2nd and Project Diva 1st in HD.
  • Supported 3D display on PV Mode.
  • Supported DLC Modules and PV Songs (except IDOLM@STER contents and Kasane Teto)


  • No longer required to use a PSP every time to launch the game, unless if decided to sync unlocked songs, modules, and Edit data.
  • Able to set the 3D settings for 3DTVs.

Song Selection Screen:

  • Tabs above displays Project Diva 2nd, Project Diva 1st, PD 2nd DLC, Edit, and Playlist songs.
  • PV mode selection has been moved to the Difficulty select screen.
  • The selected module will be saved on each songs highlighted in the Song Selection screen. When selecting songs, modules will switch.

PV Mode:*

  • The PV can now be paused, repeated, and skipped (in Playlist) with a press of a button


  • Random PV Playlist are added to play in PVs randomly as well as modules.

Gameplay for Project Diva 1st Songs:

  • Ranks can now be determined according to the successful hits instead of scores.
  • Still uses PD2nd point system in Chance Time.
  • Can still able to use D-Pads even on PD1st songs.

* Can be done after updating the game to version 1.01