Known Bugs (B★RS)

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These Bugs also exist in the downloadable version for PSP/PSVita on the PSN.

1. Skill locked permanently.
This happens periodically when, after unlocking a Record in the midst of battle, you get killed.
The Record will appear as unlocked but the skill is not rewarded. The only remedy is to restart
from an older save file.

2. Attack cannot hit an enemy.
At the immediate start of a battle, some enemies flying onto the screen cannot be hit.
For example, if you use War Hammer immediately at the start, you will automatically
miss the flying enemies. If there are enemies on the ground, only the ground enemies
will get hit. It is best to wait a second before executing any attack at the start of battle.
When entering a battle, your Cannon may not be automatically locked onto target.
Weapons that require a lock-on to target(s) must be locked on in order for the attack
or skill to connect. This does apply to LLWO and Spiders which have skills to
disable your lock-on.

3. Enemies' teleportation beacons on the field do not disappear.
This can happen in areas where new enemies spawn (i.e. generators). If you contact an enemy
before the teleportation beacon disappears, after winning the battle, the teleportation beacon
remains there. There are no actual cons to this bug.

4. Skill Boost.
When the weapon skill "Skill Boost" is used to amplify the next skill activated, normal shots
fired by the □ button increase in power as well. The effects of Skill Boost last as long as no
skills are used, allowing normal shots to deal much more damage for the entire battle.

5. XNFE can be fought multiple times.
Specifically on E6. After destroying XNFE, leave the area and return. This will allow you
to fight XNFE again and can be done any number of times.