Hachune Miku Minigame (ƒ)

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Proceeding to the Credits

  • After clearing all songs in Normal difficulty, the game will bring you directly to the credits.
  • You can play as Hachune Miku in a shooter-style minigame where you can shoot leeks towards the white texts to score points.
  • Once the credits is completed, the score will be saved as well as a unlocking a new feature. However, there's nothing changes on the main game.
  • To replay the minigame, purchase the Project DIVA Arcade Machine (pjd AC筐体) in the Shop menu, then go to the Gadgets menu in DIVA Room.

Gameplay Controls

Left/Right D-Pad
O button
Shoot Leeks
X button
Shoot 7-way NEGI※
Triangle button
Toggle Camera Views
Square button
Toggle Accelerator※
7-way NEGI can only be unlocked after 15th game. Accelerator c'an only be unlocked after 39th game.

Minigame Replays

  • You can replay the game via the Gadgets menu (ガジェット) in DIVA Room as "Game Console" (ゲーム機) or select the Project Diva Arcade Cabinet (with the!]mark pointing to them) via Item Event (アイテムイベント).
  • The Area completion meter has been added. Reach 100% by hitting letters to earn bonus points and move on to the next area.
  • The second time you play the minigame, the gameplay looks different compared to the previous one. It's because that when you complete the credits several times, there actually have some more unlockable abilities for Hachune to make the minigame more interesting.
    • Keep playing the minigame with more abilities to have a chance to reach a higher score.
How to Unlock
Letters Strike Back
Complete the Credits
Some letters strike towards Hachune and will stun her if it hits. Shoot the letters before it hits her. Multi-colored letters (starting with orange) require multiple hits, but gains more points.
Complete 3 times
Long NEGI is a powerful leek that requires charging to make them bigger for increased strike radius. Hold the O button to use the Long NEGI.
Nostalogic Stage
Complete 5 times
A door has now opened into the Evening Sea Stage.
Rapid Fire
Complete 7 times
Allows spamming shots by mashing the O button.
DYE Stage
Complete 10 times
A door has now opened into the Ice Field.
7-way NEGI
Complete 15 times
A total widespread shot of 7 leeks thrown at the same time. Perfect for taking care of flying letter swarm. Press X to use it.
moon Stage
Complete 16 times
A door has now opened into the Moonlit Ruins.
Biggest NEGI
Complete 23 times
The NEGI is now getting even bigger! Hold down O button longer to max out it's size!
Speed Up
Complete 29 times
The charge for the Biggest NEGI shortens as well as increase movement speed.
What Do You Mean?! Stage
Complete 33 times
"Welcome to the Fantasy Zone! Get Ready!"
Bonus stage. Flips everything over, causing you to play upside down. Letters get crazily crowded, striking at Hachune at the same time. After a short time, it will revert back to the moon Stage.
Complete 39 times
Allows speedy movement of Hachune with the left analog stick after toggling it on/off with the Square button.
Complete ?? times