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Gift Request Guide

This page is a work in progress. Test:[1]

Gift requests are a new feature in Project Diva X. After successfully completing 5 Requests in a row (Cloud or Event or a combination of both, doesn't matter), the Vocaloid currently selected will ask the player for a specific type of gift. If the player gives them a gift appropriate to their request, then their friendship level will rise according to how well it fits what they wanted. "Good" gift choices will raise friendship a moderate amount, and "Best" gift choices will raise friendship a large amount. However, if the gift given is not suitable to their request, their friendship level will fall a small amount.

General info and hints:

  • The Vocaloids sometimes make comments about wanting food or being tired. Unless you are automatically taken to the gift menu once they stop talking, then you are not in gift request mode, and any gifts you give them from the normal gift menu will follow the rules detailed here.
  • Giving a gift during a gift request will not unlock the event/cutscene related to the item, if there if one (e.g. Sketchbook, Dartboard, most food items, etc.). As such, try to avoid giving a gift you only have 1 of if you have not unlocked the event for that gift yet.
  • You can skip a gift request by pressing the "Options" button on your controller / "Start" button on your handheld console before the gift menu appears. This is not recommended, however, as gift requests are by far the best way to raise friendship levels. Even giving a "Good" gift in a request will raise friendship more than just giving a gift a character LOVES through the normal gift menu.
  • The characters usual likes and dislikes do not matter in gift request mode.
  • The type of request you'll get is determined by the current Vocaloid module's aura.
  • Since gift requests happen every 5 Requests, you can manipulate which type of gift request you will receive. First, successfully complete 4 Cloud or Event Requests in a row. Then, pick a module with an aura that matches the type of request you want. Finally, successfully play your 5th Cloud or Event Request, but don't transform (i.e. fail Chance Time). A good sign that you succeeded is if the Retry button is grayed out on the results screen, which means that you have some sort of cutscene waiting for you in the room.

Note: The following lists have been complied from many different sources and are currently being tested. Please delete anything you know for sure is incorrect. Thanks!

Classic Gift Requests element_neutral.png

Request #1: Want to sing better

"Best" options

"Good" options


Black Hand Mic

Silver Hand Mic

Song Book

Voice Training Book

Karaoke Set

*any color* Glow Stick

Request #2: Express emotion through song / be inspired

"Best" options

"Good" options


Art Gallery Book

Calligraphy Paper



Fishbowl (*any color* Fish)


Hot Plate

Cooking Pans

Ice Cream Machine

SLR Camera

Cute Gift Requests element_cute.png

Request #1: Tired and want to relax

"Best" options

"Good" options

*any character* Figurine

Moving Hachune Miku

Mikudayo Figurine

Stuffed Bear

Stuffed Rabbit

Stuffed Cat

Hachune Miku Felt Doll

Tako Luka Felt Doll

Shiteyan'yo Felt Doll

Larval Rin Felt Doll

Pylori Miku Felt Doll

PyloRin Felt Doll

Tuna Body Pillow

Surprise Alarm-dayo

Request #2: Want to decorate with something cute

"Best" options

"Good" options

*any character* Decal

*any character* Poster

Premium *any character* Poster

*any character* Banner

Miku T-shirt

Rin T-shirt

Len Fan

Luka T-shirt


MEIKO Fan Happi

*Note: The Vocaloid requesting the gift and the Vocaloid featured on the gift do not need to match in order for the gift to be acceptable (e.g. If Cute module Rin wants to decorate with something cute, giving her a Miku Decal will be just as effective as giving her a Rin Decal).

Cool Gift Requests element_cool.png

Request #1: Want inspiring decor

"Best" options

"Good" options

Rin & Len Hina Dolls

Miku Weather Doll

Flipped Weather Doll

Tanabata Ornament

Tsukimi Dumplings

Beach Ball


Christmas Stocking

KAITO Snowman

Request #2: Play an instrument

"Best" options

"Good" options

White Guitar

Black Guitar

Bass Guitar


Snare Drums



Bass Drum

Conga Drums






Beauty/Elegant Gift Requests element_beauty.png

Request #1: Act/sing more beautifully

"Best" options

"Good" options

SLR Camera


'Cosmic Diva'

'99 Percent Rin'

'Len-timental Feelings'

'Language Learning Lady'

'Ever So Tipsy'

'Ice Cream V3'

'Crazy Creator'

'A Real Angel-dayo'

'Rule 1: Be Cute or Get Out'

'Our 39 Annual Meeting'

Neutral/Classic Cloud Ornament

Cute Cloud Ornament

Cool Cloud Ornament

Beauty/Elegant Cloud Ornament

Chaos/Quirky Cloud Ornament

Request #2: Eat something sweet

"Best" options

"Good" options

Vegetable Juice
Cream Soda
Orange Juice
Strawberry Shaved Ice
Iced Coffee
Gingerbread House
Melon Soda
Cream Puff Tower

Orange Jelly

Banana Muffin

Ice Cream Cup

10-Scoop Ice Cream Cone

Chocolate Cordials

Candy Can

Cake Assortment

Birthday Cake (*any character*)

Chaos/Quirky Gift Requests element_chaos.png

Request #1: Starving

"Best" options

"Good" options

Banana Muffin
Pork Buns




Rice Omelet

Yakitori w/ Negi

Tuna Sushi

Tuna Carpaccio

Seafood Stew

Endless Soba Set

Charcoal Grill

Request #2: Want to play

"Best" options

"Good" options

Juggling Beanbags
Building Blocks
*any character* Stacking Blocks
Cat Toy

Russian Nesting Dolls

Eek, a Leek!

Toy Hammer

Paper Fan



Magical Silk Hat

Toy Fishing Rod

Handheld Game Console

Next-Gen Gaming Console

Red Mini Itasha

Purple Mini Itasha

Mini Roadroller

Project DIVA Arcade Machine