Game Start (B★RS)

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Game Start (B★RS)

★ 16th November 2032, Tokio

Once you start the game you'll get some introduction into the game.
After a short dialogue you'll find yourself in a tutorial battle.

In this battle you already have 4 Weapon Skills. In addition your HP is maxed to 9,999 which makes you almost invincible, because the enemy will cause only about 0-2 damage per hit for you.
The Weapon skill on the Circle-Button will raise your Attack and Defense up for a short time. All three other skills are causing damage to the enemy. Just simple win the battle by spamming Square and Weapon Skills.
After you won the battle you'll be able to take a short look on White Rock Shooter in the following cutscene:
The only one thing you have to do now before starting into the first Stage is to watch the Game Intro.

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