Game Mechanics (MikuFlick)

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  • In Miku Flick, there are 3 difficulties: Easy, Medium, Hard. Each of these has different unlock methods: Clearing a song in Easy unlocks a new song, Clearing a song in Normal unlocks new songs too also with a PV video for PV mode and clearing a song in Hard unlocks it's new mode: Break The Limit.
  • In Break The Limit, every characters in the lyrics of each song can be inputted. There are no penalties and failures and the Combo System is now a Note Counter where it displays a number of successful hits.

The Flick Panel

  • The Flick Panel is a fully based touch control and contains Japanese Kanji characters which can also change layouts with Roman support or full Romanji characters.
  • By default, all characters ending with "あ" / "a" are located at the center of each buttons where the player has to tap it while the rest four each locates at the sides of a button where they flick it up, down, left or right.
  • Panel Guides are orange icons that appears when the respective character heads towards the Lyric Circle on the bar. Hit the right note at the right flicking direction when the guide is at the same size as the button. When 2 guides appear, one that appears next is colored cyan.

Lyrics Space

  • The space where the characters from the lyrics flow to the left. In the original modes, the player only hits the character that is NOT grayed out.
  • The Lyric Circle is the hitting point. Hit the character at the right time when it reaches there to earn bigger points.
  • The combo system is like the original Project Diva and Arcade. The combo counter starts from 5 and the Lyric Bar will light up in colors.
  • Note ratings are based on its timing. It's pretty much exact similar to Project Diva games: COOL FINE SAFE SAD & WORST