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Where do I get custom songs?

The Japanese wiki has a nice repository that gets updated often.

What files do I need? / Where do I put them?

You need two things to play :

The song's edit file

This comes as a folder called "ULJM05472EDITXX" where XX is the slot number. Don't edit the slot number, if you do so, the file will show as corrupt when you try to load it. Also, sometimes it doesn't even come inside a folder, just the unsorted files : SECURE.bin, PARAM.sfo, ICON0.png and PIC1.png. To get it to work, simply make the folder yourself. Open PARAM.sfo in notepad and you should see what the folder name should be, among the gibberish, it's easy to spot.
This folder must be placed in your "PSP/SAVEDATA" directory.

The song itself

In mp3 format. Most of the time, you'll find that the edit file doesn't come with the song (for copyright reasons and such), so you have to download that separately by yourself. The Japanese Wiki is kind enough to list the source for each song, sometimes as a link from the author's page or a Nicovideo link which you can convert to mp3 using Nicosound. Otherwise, you have to find it by yourself.
Do note that the game is a bit picky and it will not play certain songs (most likely due to coding issues), if that's the case, you'll get an error message while trying to pick the song.
The mp3 must be placed in your "MUSIC" directory.

How do I play the edit?
Once you have both files in place, all you have to do is choose "Edit Play" from the "Rhythm Edit" menu. First, it'll ask you to select the edit file. Do so, and it'll ask you to select the song. Remember to press "R" here to display the songs in your Memory Stick. Select the correct one, let the game load and enjoy your custom song.