Custom DLC (Tools)

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Custom DLC (Tools)

This is a list of various tools releated to Custom DLC.


A middleware/engine set by Intrinsic Graphics, available only to companies. It is not available for private use, and with the recent takedown request, it is very hard to find on the internet.
The two main parts of the Alchemy Set are the IGB Export plugin for Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya, and the Alchemy Finalizer. These tools allow for the creation of IGB files, which PD2nd and PDe use.

PDDLC Slot Changer

A Java program written by Suyo to make it easier to change slots of DLC.


If your Java installation works right, you can open the Slot Changer like any other application - doubleclick it. The File Dialog will open automatically, so choose your DLC and edit the values in the fields. Hit Process and wait a bit - the new DLC file will appear in the same folder as the .jar application, so make sure there is no other file with the same name before hitting Process.


[1] (includes source code)


A program written by kienono, allowing for easier creation of DLC by taking hex editing out of the process.


v1.0.0.0: [2] (password: 100modules)