Convert Edit Data from PJD & PJD2nd

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Here is a little guide on how to use your Project DIVA Edit Data with Project DIVA 2nd.
With converting your files you are able to play your custom songs from Project DIVA on the new game and use the new gameplay with your files (double notes and hold notes).
You are able to play and upgrade the gameplay of the Project DIVA DLC Pack songs of Project DIVA too.

  1. First go to "Edit". (6th option in the Main Menu) and then the first option "Edit Mode".
  2. Confirm with Circle button.
  3. In the Edit Mode Menu choose the 3rd option to convert PJD Edit Data or the 4th option to convert PJD2 Edit Data into PJDExt Edit Data.
  4. Confirm with Circle button.
  5. Your Edit Song List of Project DIVA will appear. Choose the song you want to convert and confirm with Circle button, then press X button once.
  6. Wait for the next message for a moment and confirm it with Circle button again.
  7. Now the Edit Save Data of Project DIVA 2nd will appear. Choose the slot where you want to save the file and confirm it with Circle button, then press X button once again. (It's not recommended to use the Slots 00,01,02,10,39,87,88 and 89. If you downloaded Edit Play songs from the Japanese download site for Project DIVA, you'll know why. Most Edit Files are using these slots.)
  8. Now you have to choose the song for it and press Circle button. (If you don't want to edit the song yet, choose a random song file or mp3.)
  9. After waiting for the next message, press Circle button to edit the song now or X button to go back to the Main Menu.
  10. Play the song with the 2nd option in the "Edit" submenu, watch it with the 3rd option or edit it with the 1st option and afterwards in Edit Mode menu with the 2nd option.