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You can use various controllers on Project DIVA games. You will find on this page a brief description of each controller as well as a compatibility list.

Compatibility List

Controller PlayStation 3 PlayStation TV PlayStation 4 PlayStation 5 Nintendo Switch
Sony DualShock 3 Native Native - - Requires 8BitDo Wireless Adapter
Sony DualShock 4 Native[1] Native Native PS4 games only Requires 8BitDo Wireless Adapter
Sony DualSense - - - Native (PS4 and PS5 games) -
Microsoft Xbox One Controller (Bluetooth) - - - - Requires 8BitDo Wireless Adapter
Nintendo Switch Joy Cons - - - - Native
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller - - - - Native
Gamo2 DIVALLER Native - Native - Native
  1. Requires system version 4.60. The DualShock 4 is recognized as a generic controller, therefore vibration and motion controls are unavailable.