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Calibration is a way for the player to adjust when notes appear on screen to compensate for possible lag (input, display, audio).

In Project DIVA

Future Tone (DX) / Mega Mix

In Future Tone, calibration can be set globally with a shared offset and locally with a song offset. Both of these offsets' values range from -150ms to +150ms, allowing a maximum offset of ±300ms on any given song.

Calibration can be changed in the menus (Options -> Shared Lag Config) as well as during a song (in the pause menu), but scoring will be suspended until you complete or retry the song.

If your hits are usually late (judgement shading angled to the right), you need to use a positive offset. On the other hand, if you tap usually early (judgement shading angled to the left), you will need a negative offset.

Known calibrations

The following tables will list known calibrations for the various Project DIVA games. The number in the table cells are the player's offset value (shared offset in the case of Future Tone and MEGAMIX).

Note that these offsets are only indicative and may not reflect your particular preference - these only serve as a guide regarding what worked for other players.



Model DT (PS3) DT 2nd (PS3) DT extend (PS3) F (PS3) F2nd (PS3) f (PS TV) F2nd (PS TV) X (PS TV) X (PS4) FT/DX (PS4) MEGAMIX (Switch)
TQLED24HD02 (24") - - - - - - - - - 0 -

PC Monitors


Model DT (PS3) DT 2nd (PS3) DT extend (PS3) F (PS3) F2nd (PS3) f (PS TV) F2nd (PS TV) X (PS TV) X (PS4) FT/DX (PS4) MEGAMIX (Switch)
G2460FQ (24") - - - - - - - - - 0 -