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Note: Event items will not activate on affection minigame.

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I'd like to ask you for advice on something, if that's OK.
I have a feeling that I could do better, but I'm not sure what I should do to improve my singing.
What would you suggest?
You're always giving us all sorts of good advice, so can you help me figure something out?
Singing is nothing new to me, so I should be really good at it, right? But I keep thinking I could do better.
I just don't know how to take my singing to the next level. What do you think?
I could really use your advice.
You keep getting better at playing the songs, so i'd like to improve my singing, too.
I just can't come up with any good ways to do it. Can you think of anything to improve my singing?
Do you have a moment? There's something I would like to ask you about.
I've noticed how much you have improved, and it made me think that I should do more to work on my singing, too.
What do you think would be a good way to get better?
I wouldn't mind hearing your advice on something.
I've been thinking that I should be doing more to polish my singing skills.
What do you think would work best?
You always give us such good tips, so I wanted to ask you about something that's been on my mind.
I'm a little worried that if I don't keep working on my singing skills, I'll get left behind.
What's the quickest way for me to improve?
Black Hand Mic
Silver Hand Mic
Song Book
Voice Training Book
Karaoke Set
Green Glow Stick
Orange Glow Stick
Yellow Glow Stick
Pink Glow Stick
Blue Glow Stick
Red Glow Stick
Do you have a few minutes? I wanted to discuss something with you. It won't take long.
I want to sing in a way that would inspire more emotions in the listener, but I'm not sure how to do it.
I thought you might have some ideas.
I need your expert advice!
The thing is, I feel like my songs might sometimes be a little basic. As in, they don't move the audience.
How do I put more feeling into them?
Hey, care to listen to a friend in need of advice?
You know how people say that this song or that song really touched their hearts?
How do I sing in a way that'll do that?
Something has been troubling me for a while. Maybe you could help me?
I simply don't know how to put more feelings and emotions into my songs.
Can you please tell me what I should do?
I think it's time I did something to further improve my singing.
I'd like to sing in a way that stirs up emotions and makes a lasting impression.
Where do you think I should start?
You know, sometimes I feel like I can't express emotions well enough in my songs.
Maybe I need some special training?
What do you think I should do?
Art Gallery Book
Fishbowl (Red Fish)
Fishbowl (Black Fish)
Fishbowl (White Fish)
SLR Camera

All this singing made me a little tired!
Can we take a break? I can barely stand! Can you think of something that'd help me relax?
Whew! OK, I need to sit down for a sec.
All that dancing's got me all tired! Think of something cute to take my mind off everything!
You know how I feel about singing, but right now, I just need a break!
Even I have my limits. Downtime's no fun though... Do you have something to mellow me out? Something cute?
Can we wait on the next song for a bit? I'm a little tired.
My voice is getting hoarse, and I feel like my legs will fall off! Can we do something cute instead?
Boy, I'm tired! Let's take a break!
Singing and dancing can tire you out in no time. Don't I deserve something nice after so much? Something cute?
I'm out of breath! Too much singing at once is no good.
I'm sure I'll feel better after a short break. I need something to help me relax. Something cute!
Miku Figurine
Rin Figurine
Len Figurine
Luka Figurine
KAITO Figurine
MEIKO Figurine
Moving Hachune Miku
Mikudayo Figurine
Stuffed Bear
Stuffed Rabbit
Stuffed Cat
Hachune Miku Felt Doll
Tako Luka Felt Doll
Shiteyan'yo Felt Doll
Larval Rin Felt Doll
Pylori Miku Felt Doll
PyloRin Felt Doll
Tuna Body Pillow
Surprise Alarm-dayo
You know, there's something I wanted to ask you.
What can we do to make this room more... I dunno, fun?
Maybe we can add something cute! Like something with a character on it. What do you think will add some pop?
We've got to redecorate this room!
Do you have anything we could use? Something adorable and cheerful would be nice!
Something with a cute character printed on it, maybe?
Yo, you got a sec?
Don't you think this room is kinda dullsville?
We should put something in here that's like, cheerful and fun! With an adorable character print on it or something!
Do you think we could add a little something to this room?
Maybe an item with some"pop" to make it cuter!
Something with a lovable character printed on it might be fun. What would you choose?
Look at this room and tell me what you see.
You see a place that's badly in need of some more adorable decor, right?
That's exactly what I was thinking. Let's pick something to brighten this room up! With a cute character on it!
Do you think it would be OK if we changed the look of this room a little?
I just thought we could add something cute to make even more adorable.
What can we use to add a cute accent? Maybe something with a lovable character printed on it?
Miku Decal
Rin Decal
Len Decal
Luka Decal
Miku Poster
Rin Poster
Len Poster
Luka Poster
KAITO Poster
MEIKO Poster
Premium Miku Poster
Premium Rin Poster
Premium Len Poster
Premium Luka Poster
Premium KAITO Poster
Premium MEIKO Poster
Hatsune Miku Banner
Kagamine Rin Banner
Kagamine Len Banner
Megurine Luka Banner
KAITO Banner
MEIKO Banner
Hachune Miku Banner
Shiteyan'yo Banner
Tako Luka Banner
Larval Rin Banner
Miku T-Shirt
Rin T-Shirt
Len Fan
Luka T-Shirt
MEIKO Fan Happi

There just isn't enough eye-catching stuff in this room.
It could use some new decor, something inspiring to look at.
Why don't you pick something?
Come on, we've got to do something about this room.
What's wrong with it? Not that much, really, but you can always make things better.
What we need here is some stylish decor. You know? Something inspiring.
Your surroundings can really affect how you feel.
And I tell you what, this room is starting to make me feel drowsy. There's not enough to hold your attention.
Can you think of something to make it a bit fancier? Something inspiring?
How often do you redecorate your room?
Whenever I change to a module with a different vibe, I get this urge to do a complete makeover of this place.
But for right now, I'll settle for some new decor. Do you have anything stylish we could use? Something inspiring?
I'm feeling like this room's look is somewhat lacking.
To my aesthetic sensibilities, it simply cries out for help.
You must do something about the decor at once. It needs something... inspiring.
This room could use a bit of variety.
Hmph. You're not hoarding interior decorations by any chance?
Because if you've got some, you might just as well unpack one for me. Something inspiring.
Rin & Len Hina Dolls
Miku Weather Doll
Flipped Weather Doll
Tanabata Ornament
Beach Ball
Tsukimi Dumplings
Christmas Stocking
KAITO Snowman
I've been really drawn to instruments recently.
Maybe it's because I don't get to play them often enough.
So, since we've got some time on our hands, I thought it'd be cool to play something instrumental.
I'd like to do something different today.
Rather than singing and dancing to the music, I want to make cool music myself!
Can you find me an instrument to play?
It's bizarre how I suddenly can't stop thinking about playing instruments.
I haven't got tired of singing--nothing like that--but I'd like to play something instrumental, too.
Do you have anything I could play? I'm not too picky.
Don't you have items of all sorts that you don't quite know what to do with?
If you have some musical instruments, would you please let me borrow one?
I'd like to practice playing instruments more.
I have been thinking recently of how to better appeal to my fans.
There is probably no room for improvement when it comes to singing. I have mastered that art already.
However, I read that guys who play instruments are considered, let me quote, "hot." So I should practice.
Do you think I should play instruments more often?
It's got to be good for my musical skills, and besides, don't musicians look cool when they're absorbed in playing?
If you could give me an instrument to play, I could start practicing right here and now.
White Guitar
Black Guitar
Bass Guitar
Snare Drum
Bass Drum
Conga Drum

Could we please have a short break?
Dancing onstage has exhausted me, and my voice would benefit from some rest.
A sweet treat would be wonderful right about now.
Whew, that last performance was intense.
I need a few minutes to catch my breath.
Do you know what would be perfect right now? Something sweet and tasty.
I'm sorry, but I'm feeling a little worn out.
It's nothing serious. I just need a breather.
And something sweet to eat would not go unappreciated...
Do you think we could take a break, perhaps?
So much singing can be quite exhausting.
A sweet snack would give me a much needed energy boost, though. Do you have anything that might fit the bill?
Do you think we could take a five minute break?
I just need to catch my breath.
Actually, I could use a snack too. I'm not hungry, I just feel like grabbing a quick bite of something sweet.
Digital singers need their rest, too, my dear.
Let's take a break, and maybe have a little snack?
Something sweet would be wonderful.
Strawberry Shaved Ice
Gingerbread House
Cream Puff Tower
Orange Jelly
Banana Muffin
Ice Cream Cup
10-Scoop Ice Cream Cone
Chocolate Cordials
Candy Can
Cake Assortment
Birthday Cake (Miku)
Birthday Cake (Rin & Len)
Birthday Cake (Luka)
Birthday Cake (KAITO)
Birthday Cake (MEIKO)
I still worry that I am not singing with enough elegance.
It's easy to talk about singing beautifully, but I'm not sure how to approach actually doing so.
I really do not have enough to go on. Can you help me a bit?
I'm afraid I'm stumped again.
When singing Elegant songs, I focus on a beautiful image in my mind. It makes it easier to attain the right aura.
But it's become too repetitive. I need some fresh ideas, some new inspiration. Can you help?
Every time I think I've finally discovered the essence of beauty and elegance, I start doubting myself.
It's so alluring elusive, isn't it?
If only I had some point of reference...
I can't shake the feeling that my performances aren't quite elegant enough.
I understand the aura, more or less, but... Perhaps I simply need a source of inspiration.
Can you show me something that would put me in the right mindset for Elegant songs?
You would think that changing into an Elegant module would automatically grant me an understanding of elegance
In reality, it is not so simple. I worry that I'm not reaching my full potential.
If I could only refer to something alluring, to steer me in the proper direction...
What do you think of my singing ? Does it emanate the right aura?
I would like to make it even more Elegant, more charming.
What do I need to achieve such alluring beauty?
'Cosmic Diva'
'99 Percent Rin'
'Len-timental Feelings'
'Language Learning Lady'
'Ever So Tipsy'
'Ice Cream V3'
'Crazy Creator'
'A Real Angel-dayo'
'Rule 1: Be Cute or Get Out'
'Our 39th Annual Meeting'
Classic Cloud Ornament
Cute Cloud Ornament
Cool Cloud Ornament
Elegant Cloud Ornament
Quirky Cloud Ornament

Don't panic, but this is an emergency.
I don't have the energy to sing anymore.
I'm just... totally starved. I can't wait for aid organization to send food rations. OK, you can panic now!
Can you hear that? It's my tummy rumbling!
I'm really, really hungry! It's making me so weak I can barely stand.
Got any food? Gimme, gimme! I can't wait any longer!
Oh man, I'm just dying from hunger.
Take pity on me and gimme some food...
I'd share my food with you if we were stranded on a deserted island. Come on, help a bro out!
Oh noes! Put the brakes on the next show!
I haven't eaten in so long that I'm starving. Yes, digital singers get hungry too. We just eat digital food.
Don't just stand there giving me that look, do you have any you can spare!?
Uh... Help me...
I'm starving... You don't want me to starve, do you? It would be very sad for everyone. Especially for me!
Do you have anything to eat? Something filling? You must have something!
A fearsome beast dwells within my stomach.
It's growling now... You know what that means?
You've got to feed it, or something terrible might happen! Food... Need food...
Pork Buns
Rice Omelet
Yakitori w/ Negi
Tuna Sushi
Tuna Carpaccio
Seafood Stew
Endless Soba Set
Charcoal Grill
Oh! Hey!
That's enough singing for now. I want to play!
Let's do something fun!
Ahem! I'm a little tired of singing now.
And you don't play with me enough.
I wanna play! Come on, let's play!
Singing's a lot of hard work. Let's take a short break!
Just sitting here doing nothing will be boring though...
Got any games or toys?
Hey! I'm a little bored.
Let's do something else, something different.
Let's have fun! Like, play games together!
Oh, hey!
I'm in the mood to play some games.
Will you play with me? Pleeeease?
Hey, know the saying about all work and no play?
I don't want to become boring, so let's play.
Bring out some toys!
Juggling Beanbags
Building Blocks
Cat Toy
Russian Nesting Dolls
Eek, a Leek!
Toy Hammer
Paper Fan
Magical Silk Hat
Fortune Box
Toy Fishing Rod
Handheld Game Console
Next-Gen Game Console
Red Mini Itasha
Purple Mini Itasha
Mini Roadroller
Project DIVA Arcade Machine