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You have questions about the wiki or suggestions? Need help with a problem or you just want to talk about Vocaloid & Misc. with a real vocaloid fan?
There are several ways to contact me!

ProjectDIVA.Wiki Profiles

E-Mail: [[1]]
Facebook: [2]
Twitter: [3]

Personal Profiles

Facebook: [4]
YouTube: [5]
Twitter: [6]
Discord: MikuHatsune#3939
Skype: darkoli1987
deviantART: [7]
Steam: [8]
Battle.NET-Tag (WoW): Darkoli1987#2378 (EU)
Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward: Natsuki Fujita (Cerberus EU)
Nintendo Switch Friendcode: SW-4625-3548-8786
PlayStation Network: Darkoli1987
[File: external image Darkoli1987.png]