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Puyo Puyo 39 is a minigame in collaboration with the puzzle game series created by Compile, Puyo Puyo. It is a competitive falling block game between at least 2 players and fight it out till the last man standing.

Game Modes

By Yourself - Play through a series of matches against 5 Vocaloid characters. Beat those 5 as Miku and/or Kaito to unlock the Arle and Dark Prince outfits.
With Others - This minigame supports multiplayer battle with other Mirai DX players via Local Wireless Play. It is a normal Best of 3 match.


Left or Right D-Pad - Move the Puyos
Down Button - Drop Puyos faster
A or B Button - Rotate Puyos
Start Button - Pause game

Puyo Puyo Rules

The minigame uses the standard rules of Puyo Puyo Tsu. It is simple to play, but challenging to master. In this minigame, all blocks will only contain 2 Puyos of up to 4 colors in one playfield.

The rules are simple: match at least 4 same-colored Puyos together to clear them. Doing so will send gray garbage puyos to the opponent, but it can be countered by clearing at least the same amount of Puyos in their current turn. Otherwise, the garbage Puyos will drop on the random place, interfering their strategy plan. To clear the garbage Puyos, match the colored Puyos beside them.

The strategic way of playing the game is to set up a chain combo. As your chain builds up after Chain 2, your character will do power poses. The bigger the chain combos, the more garbage Puyos sent to the opponent's playfield.

After around 30 seconds into the match, the garbage Puyos multiplier will slowly rise, means that chain moves will send more garbage Puyos than normal. To display the multiplier, press the L button.

The player loses when a Puyo is placed right on the spawn point marked with an X.

The match will be graded and earn Mirai Points depending your competitive performance. MP Multipliers differ by difficulties: Super Easy and Easy difficulties cut the total Mirai Points from the match in half, while Tough difficulty gets 150% of the Mirai Points earned.

By Yourself

Your partner will be used to take a role as a playable character in Puyo Puyo 39. In this mode, the player will face 5 other Vocaloid characters. The game will get gradually harder, and the order of appearance varies with the selected partner:

Partner Select
Matchup Order
R / L / L / M / K
M / M / L / K / L
L / M / M / K / R
M / R / L / K / M
M / R / L / L / M
R / L / M / L / K

Difficulty Tally:

  • Super Easy - All rounds = 3 colors
  • Easy - Rounds 1-3 = 3 colors; Rounds 4 & 5 = 4 colors
  • Normal - Rounds 1 & 2 = 3 colors; Rounds 3-5 = 4 colors (Speed UP in round 5)
  • Tough - All rounds = 4 colors (Speed UP in round 5)

Settings Menu

Difficulty - Toggles the intensity of gameplay.
Puyo Type - Toggles the Puyo graphics between the Classic style (1991 Puyo Puyo game) and the modern Mirai style (Puyo Puyo 20th Anniversary).
Portrait - Toggles the appearance of your partner doing poses when performing chain combos.
Direction - Allows to swap the controls for rotating the falling Puyo blocks.
VS Music - Allows to choose a background song for the Local VS mode.