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Mikuversi is a classic board game of Reversi where players take turns to place discs and fill the board with a color the player is assigned, either black or white, to win.

Game Mechanics

In Project Mirai DX, a player will challenge with the assigned partner a game of Reversi. The player can choose either black or white for the game.

As the game starts, the 4 discs are already placed around the center (2 of the disc with the corresponding color is arranged diagonally. The game always starts with the player black.

The basic rule is to place a piece adjacent to the opponent's piece and flip every opposing disc to the color of the player disc until the other player-colored disc is on the other side of the consecutive line. It can be done in horizontally, vertically, and diagonally.

The game has already provided the marked squares for you to make your move. But the way you place a disc is your decision. There is also a secret shaded square that will appear randomly. Get your colored disc on that square for the rest of the match to earn a Secret Bonus.

Once your turn is done, it's your partner's turn, and back to you afterwards.

You can also redo your turn up to 3 times whenever you messed up your move, but doing it once will lose the Secret Bonus entirely.

The winner of the game is the one who has more of their colored spaces on the board after completely flipped out all of the opponent's disc, or no more possible moves for both players.

The match will earn Mirai Points depending on your performance.