Hachune Miku Minigame (F 2nd)

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Proceeding to the Credits

  • After clearing all songs in Normal difficulty, the game will bring you directly to the credits.
  • You can play as Hachune Miku in a shooter-style minigame where you can shoot leeks towards the white texts to score points.
  • Instead of unlocking abilities after every gameplay like in F you unlock them during gameplay by collecting flashing letters.
    • Because of this, the minigame is shorter than in other PjD games, only spans within a full Glory 3usi9 BGM.
  • The Area completion meter is now available right from the start. Reach 100% by hitting letters to earn bonus points and move on to the next area.
  • Once the credits is completed, the score will be saved as well as a unlocking a new feature. However, there's nothing changes on the main game.
  • To replay the minigame, purchase the Project DIVA Arcade Machine (pjd AC筐体) in the Shop menu, then go to the Gadgets menu in DIVA Room.

Gameplay Controls

Left/Right D-Pad/Left Sitck
O button
Shoot Leeks
X button
Shoot Leek Spread
Triangle button
Toggle Camera Views
Square button

Bonus Abilities

To earn bonus abilities, just collect flashing letters during gameplay. Depending on the message which will appear you earn one of the following effects:

Long NEGI is a powerful leek that requires charging to make them bigger for increased strike radius. Hold the O button to use the Long NEGI.
Rapid Fire
The NEGI shot rate has now increased it's frequency. Mash the O button quickly for rapid-fire.
Assistant Mikus
Up to 2 smaller Miku companions making your 1-Shot Negi into a 3-Multishot Negi Fire. Perfect for taking care of flying letter swarm.
Allows fast movement of Hachune with the left analog stick after toggling it on/off with the Square button.
NEGI Spread
Press X to shoot widespread wave of leeks to deal with crowded letter swarms.

Minigame Replays

  • You can replay the game via the Gadgets menu (ガジェット) in DIVA Room as "Game Console" (ゲーム機) or select the Project Diva Arcade Cabinet (with the!]mark pointing to them) via Item Event (アイテムイベント).