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    AffectionGift Request Guide
    Live Quests
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    "Good" options
    SLR Camera
    Beauty/Elegant Cloud Ornament
    Chaos/Quirky Cloud Ornament
    SLR Camera
    Request #2: Eat something sweet
    "Best" options
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    in progress. Test:
    Gift requests are a new feature in Project Diva X. After successfully completing 5 Requests in a row (Cloud or Event or a combination of both, doesn't matter), the Vocaloid currently selected will ask the player for a specific type of gift. If the player gives them a gift appropriate to their request, then their friendship level will rise according to how well it fits what they wanted. "Good" gift choices will raise friendship a moderate amount, and "Best" gift choices will raise friendship a large amount. However, if the gift given is not suitable to their request, their friendship level will fall a small amount.
    General info and hints:
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  1. page DLC Information (Future Tone) edited ... Kagamine Rin Poppin Delight Adolescent Adolescence Princess Kagamine Len Bebop Knave …
    Kagamine Rin
    Poppin Delight
    AdolescentAdolescence Princess
    Kagamine Len
    Bebop Knave
    AdolescentAdolescence Knight
    Megurine Luka
    Megurine Luka Ruby
    Prince Blanc
    Misc. Characters
    M・S・JM.S.J (for Kasane Teto)
    Future Sound
    YourI'm Your Diva
    Ievan Polkka
    Two-Sided Lovers
    Rosa Bianca
    Rosa Notte
    Hatsune Miku Swimwear/STSwimwear Tan
    March Hare
    My Dear Bunny
    Rabbit-ear ParkaBunny Ears Hoodie
    Kagamine Rin
    Kagamine Rin Swimwear/STSwimwear Tan
    Alparka Hoodie R
    Kagamine Len
    Kagamine Len Swimwear/STSwimwear Tan
    Alparka Hoodie L
    Megurine Luka
    Megurine Luka Swimwear/ST
    Cat-ear Parka
    Swimwear Tan
    Kitty Ears Hoodie

    Rosa Blue
    Rosa Lune
    KAITO Swimwear V/STV Tan
    KAITO Swimwear V AS/ST
    Fish Overall
    Alt. Tan
    Fishy Overalls

    MEIKO Swimwear/STSwimwear Tan
    Wooly Wear
    Hatsune Miku
    Phantom Thief Miku
    Railway ConductorConductor Nightingale
    Snow Miku 2017
    Pyjama Party Miku
    Phantom Thief Rin
    Railway Conductor Golden SparrowConductor Canary
    Pyjama Party Rin
    Kagamine Len
    Railway Conductor SilverConductor Vermillion
    Pyjama Party Len
    Megurine Luka
    Railway ConductorConductor Rose
    Pyjama Party Luka
    Phantom Thief KAITO
    Railway ConductorConductor Sky
    Pyjama Party KAITO
    Phantom Thief MEIKO
    Railway Conductor Red GrapeConductor Crimson Wine
    Pyjama Party MEIKO
    Fake Moustache
    Apron (Green)
    Apron (Yellow)
    Apron (Orange)
    Apron (Pink)
    Apron (Blue)
    Apron (Red)
    Green Bib
    Yellow Bib
    Orange Bib
    Pink Bib
    Blue Bib
    Red Bib

    Heart (Chest)
    Broken Heart
    Nine-tailedNine Fox Tails
    Dangling Cat
    Requiem for the Phantasma
    To the End of Infinity
    LoveLover's Suicide in Oblivion
    Colorful Tone
    Gothic and Loneliness ~I’m the very DIVA~
    White Princess isis...
    Nekomimi Archive
    Black Gold
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